Woman Battling Cancer Told To "Man Up" And Accused Of Playing The "C" Card By Her Mean & Insensitive Friends

Woman Battling Cancer Told To "Man Up" And Accused Of Playing The "C" Card By Her Mean & Insensitive Friends

Jodie Mason is in physical and mental pain. The people she thought would understand her had left her with rude remarks.

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Editor's note: This article was originally published on January 2, 2020. It has since been updated.

When life throws curve balls at us, we often rely on our friends and family. We strongly believe they are the only ones who would understand us during our tough times. However, it is truly heartbreaking when they become people far away from our expectations. It leaves you distressed and even makes you question the love we have for them. A 26-year-old woman was left in such a state when her friends did not sympathize with her deteriorating health.

According to Birmingham Live, Jodie Mason was diagnosed with a brain tumor when she was just 25 years old. Soon, she was hit with more bad news. The former model was told she was suffering from bone cancer. Jodie was devastated and struggled with her health issues. She suffered from various problems such as blackouts, severe headaches, incontinence, mobility, and memory issues. Life became difficult for the young woman and she could not control the intense pain. Going through these medical conditions, Jodie was forced to stay back at home.


Her conditions did not allow her to go out with her family and friends. Though she explained her reasons, her friends were mean and inconsiderate. She was bombarded with rude texts and her"friends" asked her to "f*** off". Another one accused her of playing the "C card"  and called her "selfish" for not venturing out because of her illness.


"People say: 'Come on it doesn't matter, bring your walking stick'. But I have cancer in my bones and it's absolute agony and they don't understand I'm on oxygen when I'm at home with a tube up my nose. Sometimes I can barely breathe. But because I've appeared well, ( I don't like people to see me sick), people say: 'Well why now?' Or 'It's my birthday' or 'You're so selfish'. I'm, like, really?" said the 26-year-old according to Mirror Online. "People just don't get it. Unless you're in that situation, people just don't understand," added the model.  

The woman went on to say how she tries to enjoy life when she has good days. However, she admits there is no real balance. "It changes every day, I can wake up and want to run a marathon, but other days I can wake up and think: 'Am I going to die today?' On a three times weekly basis I get these comments and it makes me feel bad,(sic)" said Jodie.


Unable to tolerate the continuous insensitivity, Jodie has stopped responding to unkind people. "I've just had to have a no policy now, because I was sat there feeling really guilty and awful about it(sic). It did really get to me - thinking maybe I should just man up, maybe I am being weak, but then I'm thinking: 'I'm sat there on chemo, drugged up, still working'."

Meanwhile, the woman who is undergoing chemotherapy said that she also receives insensitive comments from strangers online. She told users how some random people even asked her if she was going to die. Others told her there were people in worse situations than her.


She took to Facebook to address some of the rudest comments that can hurt any cancer patient. The woman also listed out some well-meaning comments that might just sound offensive such as "if anyone can beat this, you can."