'My Sister Is Marrying My Ex-Husband.... She Was Maid Of Honor At Our Wedding'

'My Sister Is Marrying My Ex-Husband.... She Was Maid Of Honor At Our Wedding'

The woman shared her story on TikTok which has since gone viral.

Would you ever date a friend's ex? A sister's ex? Is that crossing a boundary? Is that disrespectful? Or are you free to love whomever you want? A woman on TikTok has gone viral for sharing a shocking story of how her sister and ex-husband ended up together and people have a lot of feelings. In the video, the woman revealed how the couple announced that they were engaged. Laced with sarcasm, she explains in the clip, “Does anyone else remember that one time in 2020 when your sister, who was your best friend for your entire life, decided to get engaged to your ex-husband?”



The woman had been married to the man for five years before eventually splitting. She thought it was "weird" when she didn't hear from her sister and ex for a long time. After doing some research on social media she found out they were dating. Later she exposed what appeared to be their secret relationship to their whole family. She admitted that she felt "embarrassed" by the whole situation, as well as "betrayed", reports The Sun. While her parents did confront the sister it seems they have accepted the relationship and are advising her daughter to do the same. 

The TikTok user further explained that her sister had been the maid of honor at her wedding! With this same man that she is now engaged to. Calling her sibling—who is ten years older than her—“trash”, she jokingly asked those watching for the number for Jerry Springer. In a series of clips that followed, she explained her ex initially didn't get on with his then-sister-in-law. She described the backstory as a “dumpster fire,” adding that she had been the one to leave her husband, who is 20 years her senior. Talk about family drama! The original video has since been viewed more than 2.1 million times with more than 449,000 social media users leaving likes. One person wrote, “This is soooo wrong. Can’t wait for their divorce.” Another commented, “That’s messed up.” A third shared, “I love PIPIN’ HOT TEA Tiktok.”

In her bio on TikTok, she's described herself as a Kentucky Girl and she's also put out: "Sisters wanted!" in the description. In TikTok videos that followed, the woman claimed that she was happy to receive support after her videos went viral. Many people called her family and sister out for encouraging this relationship. However, she did receive backlash from critics who slammed her for bullying to which she responded sarcastically saying that apparently telling your own story is bullying. She also said that now many people know her story and that things have a funny way of coming around and biting you in the a**. She said that sharing her story has been a helpful way for her to vent about the complicated situation. She also stated that this was only scratching the surface of what her sister has done to her. But many critics have slammed her way of publically shaming the couple and believe these matters should be dealt with privately. What do you'll think?

Representational Image Source: Getty Images/ Varangkana Petchson / EyeEm