Woman Watered Her Plant For 2 Years Only To Find Out It Was Plastic All Along

Woman Watered Her Plant For 2 Years Only To Find Out It Was Plastic All Along

She's been watering and caring for her succulent plant diligently for years until she realized the truth.

A devoted plant owner who watered her succulent plant and cared for it diligently for years met with the painful realization that her plant had been fake all along! Caelie Wilkes thought she was doing a great job as her plant seemed to be in perfect condition under her care. However, a couple of years later, she got the shock of her life when she decided to transplant the plant into a different vase. That's when she realized much to her dismay that it was a plastic plant. The mother of two from Willits, California, northwest of Sacramento found out that there were no roots below the surface — only Styrofoam. The discovery was “heartbreaking, but so funny,” she told USA TODAY


In her now-viral and hilarious Facebook post, she wrote: I’ve had this beautiful succulent for about 2 years now. I was so proud of this plant. It was full, beautiful coloring, just an over all perfect plant. I had it up in my kitchen window. I had a watering plan for it, if someone else tried to water my succulent I would get so defensive because I just wanted to keep good care of it. I absolutely loved my succulent. Today I decided it was time to transplant, I found the cutest vase, that suited it perfectly. I go to pull it from the original plastic container it was purchased with to learn this plant was FAKE. I put so much love into this plant! I washed it’s leaves. Tried my hardest to keep it looking it’s best, and it’s completely plastic! How did I not know this. I pull it from the container it’s sitting on Styrofoam with sand glued to the top! I feel like these last two years have been a lie.



Since Wilkes shared the post, many Internet users laughed at the story a few fellow plant lovers even praised her effort in taking care of the plant for such a long period of time, fake or not. A user commented: Still be proud of yourself for taking the time to take care of something! You kept a schedule for 2 years to do your best to keep it alive whether it’s fake or not! Sometimes you just need a fake plant to show you what you’re truly capable of!



Surprisingly this story is not as uncommon with one user sharing: My pest control lady just fessed up to the same thing... two years... fake succulent. She gave it a drop of water every day religiously and was proud of her lovely plant until her younger son asked if he could have her fake cactus... What a coincidence she just related the story to me a couple of days ago and then I see this!!! The mom was glad other people could also see the lighter side of the situation. She planned on turning the story into a children's book for her young kids. And as for the deceiving succulent, she assured that she's “not going to give up on it now.”