Woman Was Abducted Days After Being Born | She Will Now Walk Down The Aisle With Both Her Fathers

Woman Was Abducted Days After Being Born | She Will Now Walk Down The Aisle With Both Her Fathers

Zephany was abducted as a child by a woman who faked her pregnancy after a miscarriage.

A woman who was kidnapped as a child will walk down the aisle with both her birth and adoptive fathers. Miche Zephany, from South Africa, mistook her father to be Michael for the first 17 years of her life.

She later realized that she had been taken from her birth parents when she was only a few days old, per Lad Bible. A woman disguised as a nurse kidnapped her, mere days after she was born, as her mother Celeste slept next to her. Lavona Solomon was the kidnapper; after having a miscarriage, she falsified the rest of her pregnancy and abducted the baby.

Zephany, now 25 and a mother of two, had a typical upbringing with the couple she thought were her parents, oblivious of her odd start in life. She was also fully ignorant that her birth family had never given up on the frantic quest for their missing daughter. Things came to light 17 years later, when a new girl, who had an amazing likeness to her, joined Zephany's school. The girl turned out to be her real younger sister Cassidy, then 14.




Zephany told Mirror, "I was just a normal teenager up until the day I met Cassidy at school. When I saw her face we had this sensation, this connection. She was shocked and she said ‘Why do you look like me?’. We immediately clicked and we immediately became friends. I felt a sense of protection."

Cassidy, who grew up knowing everything about her elder sibling, became suspicious that this may be her long-lost sister and informed her father Morne. Morne felt an immediate connection with his daughter despite meeting her after such a long time. Cassidy presented her thoughts to Zephany, who conducted some research and learned her birth hadn't been documented until she was six years old. So, she decided to obtain a DNA test.




After the test revealed that Morne and Celeste were her biological parents, Lavona was arrested and sentenced to 10 years in prison for kidnapping, deception, and breaking the Children's Act. Michael has always maintained that he had no idea Zephany wasn't his biological daughter. Michael and Morne had a tough relationship at first, but Zephany claims they now have "respect" for one another.

She intends to marry her long-term lover Justin Sheldon with both dads by her side. "I want both my dads to walk me down the aisle. I would want them both to have that honour. I was raised by and lived with Michael but I have my birth father Morne too. My children know them both. My kids play regularly with Michael. He is their ‘Papa’, who brought me up," she said. 

She is being featured in a documentary titled Girl, Taken, that will be airing on Paramount+. A book titled Zephany by Joanne Jowell has also been published covering Zephany's unconventional childhood.




Cover Image Source: Zephany's Nurse/Instagram