Woman Rescues Surrogate From Ukraine, Brings Her Into Her Home. "She Saved My Life By Giving Me A Baby, It Was My turn To Save Hers"

Woman Rescues Surrogate From Ukraine, Brings Her Into Her Home. "She Saved My Life By Giving Me A Baby, It Was My turn To Save Hers"

They all are currently living near each other and plan to go on a family vacation soon.

A mother decided to rescue her Ukrainian surrogate from the mortifying war between Russia and Ukraine. Heather and Mark Easton from Rugby, Warwickshire spent 3 years and approximately $87,000 to have a child through surrogacy. They chose Vita Lysenko, a surrogate from Ukraine, who gave birth to their daughter, Sophie, two months ago, reports Daily Mail. Heather and Vita thought that they would be meeting for the last time when the couple returned to their home with their child. However, just two weeks after they returned to the UK, Russian troops invaded the city of Cherkasy, two hours south of Kyiv.



Vita and her husband Andrii were completely stuck in between chaos and danger along with their three-year-old son, Nazar. Vita, upon learning about the conditions that Vita and her family were put in, immediately rushed to their rescue. She said, "Vita saved my life and now it was my turn to save her. I had to get them out." Vita, Andrii, and Nazar arrived in the UK on April 1 following a 17-day journey through Europe by car and ferry. They are now blending in with Heather's family despite the language barriers that exist between them.

The couple spent two months in Ukraine prior to the birth of their child, during which time they became closer to Vita, mostly through the use of translation applications, reports BBC. Heather recalled of the time, "I was desperately trying to persuade her to leave but like many Ukrainians they don't want to leave their home country because it's their home." Vita and her family were constantly moving from one bomb shelter to another before fleeing to safety under the Home for Ukraine scheme. Heather was able to find a sponsor for them and they are currently living minutes away from each other in Warwickshire. 

Heather and Mark had a long wait for their child after dealing with infertility issues. Mark had a low sperm count and Heather had a low ovarian reserve. Heather did not become pregnant after five rounds of IVF at four separate clinics, including two rounds with donor eggs. Ultimately, she learned that she has developed endometriosis and had to get a hysterectomy to relieve the chronic pain that comes with the condition. However, they decided to go for surrogacy and did not give up on having a child. They decided on going for Ukraine as the country allowed  commercial surrogacy before the start of the war.

Heather previously had given birth to Chinese twins and aimed to use the money she got from surrogacy to buy her family their own house. Heather picked Vita as her surrogate because she had the experience and abilities to go through it safely. After the birth of their child, Sophie, Heather and Mark pushed Vita and Andrii to accompany them to the UK, but the pair refused. They, like many of their countrymen, couldn't imagine that a full-fledged invasion would take place. However, everything changed 15 days later, as Russia announced the complete invasion of Ukraine.

Vita and Andrii left their hometown with their son Nazar and had to leave behind her elder son from a previous marriage Ruslan, 15. Heather recalls the moment the family reached UK, "It was so weird to see their car on our drive. We took them to their house and they loved it. I’d put photos of them on the wall — they were really touched." Mark said, "Andrii looked emotional. I just hugged him and said, 'You’re here now, home. You don’t need to travel any more.' " The Ukrainian couple wants to fly back home when the war ends and fulfill their dream of buying a home.





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