Woman Got Catfished So Many Times In A Year That She Ended Up Writing A Book On It

Woman Got Catfished So Many Times In A Year That She Ended Up Writing A Book On It

Samantha Thorne wrote a book, compling her dating experiences.

Modern-day dating is difficult for many, especially for those who have just entered the pool to test the unknown waters. A woman from Kent, United Kingdom, initially thought finding a partner was just clicks away. However, as she ventured into the unfamiliar ground, she realized it was not as easy as she imagined it to be. 

According to Mirror Online, Samantha Thorne joined online dating apps after the break down of her second marriage in 2017. Though she was optimistic about finding a partner in the beginning, things took a different turn very soon. She became a victim of repeating catfishing- where the profiles of men did not match their true identity. 


The woman, who went for two dates every week was repeatedly discouraged. Speaking of her experience, the 42-year-old woman stated, "When I first started, I trusted everyone would be who they said they were - but the more people I spoke to, the more I learned people are not always who they say they are." She added, "It was a strange time in my life - it was fun at times, but you definitely need a thick skin."

Though she was catfished more than 25 times that single year, the experience that took it to the next level was when she met with an undercover swinger. Looking back at her first date with the man, Samantha revealed that he was just a "normal, kind and interesting" person. For her, the date went so well that she was even more excited for the second date. Unfortunately, the future did not unfold in the way she anticipated. Instead of another romantic date, the man suggested that they attend an adult's sex club for 'swingers' to swap partners with other members. 


Samantha was weirded out by his suggestion. Moreover, she was disappointed. "I thought it was a joke at first because he'd never even hinted - if that's your interest it's the kind of thing you should mention on your profile! I was pretty disappointed because we got on so well at first," she said. 

Another time, Samantha was manipulated by a man who used pictures from an American online modeling portfolio. In another bizarre encounter, the mother of two met with a man she had already dated. His pictures on the app seemed so different that she was unable to figure them out before agreeing to meet him in person. "I walked into the bar to meet him and as soon as I saw him, even with his back to me, I knew I'd met him for a date about seven years earlier. I was adamant we'd met before - but when I pointed it out, he argued against me and accused me of lying!" she said. 


Despite the multiple bad experiences, Samantha was lucky enough to finally find the man of her dreams, David. Funnily, she met him through a dating app. "It's such a calm and happy relationship and we get on so well - we even built a bar at the bottom of the garden together," said Samantha, who has been with David for over a year. 

While she found her charming prince, Samantha decided to share the experience of her online dating with the world. Over the lockdown, she wrote a book A Year in the Life of Internet Dating.


She stated, "I've definitely found my happy ending - but I'm pleased I will never need to use internet dating sites any more. It's been enough for a lifetime!"