Woman Lets Husband Have Sex With Other Women, Says It Makes Their Marriage Stronger

Woman Lets Husband Have Sex With Other Women, Says It Makes Their Marriage Stronger

The 37-year-old OnlyFans model said the unconventional set-up suits both her and her husband.

Many married couples often try out different approaches to spicing up their sex life. One wife is allowing her partner to have sex with other women and says that it actually makes their relationship stronger. Monica Huldt, 37, says she has a low sex drive so the equation works for her and her husband John, 40. While John has sex with others Monica doesn't do the same with other men outside her marriage. Monica is originally from Sweden but now lives in the US.“I always knew my husband was interested in having a threesome but we’d never really sat down and spoken about doing it seriously,” Monica told Jam Press as per the Sun. “In Sweden, people don’t really do stuff like that or even talk about it. On top of that I was raised a Catholic so sex was super taboo at home, I wasn't even allowed to date boys growing up. I trust my husband 100 percent and I think including others into our marriage has made our sex life so awesome and overall made our marriage so much stronger.”


The model who rakes in $150,000 a month from her OnlyFans account, said she had hit a slump when it came to her interest in sex sometime around 2015 when she started working as a stripper, which left her "uninterested in sex". “I was around men during my whole working week being stared at and having to constantly be nice, it made me feel quite miserable afterward. It really put a dampener on my mood and when I got home I didn’t want to have sex or even be touched by my husband. That was obviously not good for our sex life or the relationship. We did go through some really rough patches because of my lack of sex drive and intimacy. It was really tough," she said candidly.


While she still struggles a bit her drive has improved since the launch of her OnlyFans page. John even has sex with other women, which he films and shares on his own OnlyFans account. Monica explained, "I knew John had always wanted a threesome but I had always been worried about him catching feelings for someone else. He had never given me cause to question his faithfulness but I was always paranoid, overprotective and jealous. In the past, it had really put a strain on our relationship. I was a little apprehensive but we decided to try the threesome. I really enjoyed it and found it a huge turn-on but I had to ease myself in. The first time had been just for fun but the second time we filmed it for my OnlyFans account. I was surprised at how comfortable I felt with it and I loved seeing my husband with other girls – something I never thought would happen."


Are there any complications that arise from such an unconventional setup? Monica explained, "He wouldn't go on dates with them, he's not interested in that side of things, it's just physical. Most of the time we will be at our house but we'll also often go to a hotel or an Airbnb. We are friends with a lot of the women so I never feel threatened. He does text and talk to them, but nothing about that is a secret. I’m always informed about everything. We sometimes go out for dinner all of us but he never goes on dates with them alone." Monica continues to be committed to only John. "Although I have sex with girls, I like the thought of John being the only man in my life, it makes it feel more special to me. I don't mind sharing my husband though. I find it sexy," she added.