Identify Your Face Shape And See Which Hairstyle Suits You The Best

Identify Your Face Shape And See Which Hairstyle Suits You The Best

Your face shape determines what hairstyle suits you the best including the length, layers, and styling.

After being stressed out with household chores and responsibilities, we are often least bothered to try out new hairstyles or even get a new hair cut. However, when we need to step out for an event or date, we feel clueless as to how to style our hair. In order to avoid such situations, knowing the best hairstyles suitable for you is important. Now that you have more time indoors, maybe you can use spare 15 minutes to understand the shape of your face, as this is the first step to find your personal style. 

There are two ways to arrive at the face of your shape:

1. The first method requires you to take a picture of your face with your hair all tied to the back. This will allow you to trace the outline of your face and determine its shape.

2. The second method involves measuring the vertical and horizontal lengths of the face. Imagine three horizontal lines running from the end of one brow to another, another from cheekbone to cheekbone, and the last one that runs from the end of one chin to another. Next, trace the vertical line from the beginning of your hairline to your chin. Tracing the ends of these lines along the outline of your face will give you a picture of the shape of your face. 

Now, after having figured out the shape, let's look into the best hairstyles that would suit each shape. 

1. Square 



A square face is defined by equal breaths and widths. If you are a person with a square face, you will have broad and wide features. Therefore, any hairstyle that you choose should bring out the width of your cheekbones and your jaws. A side-parted style with long and airy layers will help you accentuate those features if you love long hair. Whereas, a nice, layered bob with some side-swept bangs is what you should go for if you favor short hair. Demi Moore is one of those celebrities with a square face. 

2. Diamond



If the widest part of your face is your cheekbones and if your forehead and jaw are of the same width, you have a diamond face. It gives your face an angular frame and jawline appears defined. A pulled-back ponytail can bring out this aspect of your face. However, if you want to avoid those sharp lines and embrace a much softer look, a medium or long layered haircut with tousled waves and a deep side part is the way to go. For those who prefer short hair, a chin-length bob is one way to look stylish and classy. 

3. Triangle 


Your jawline is narrow; your forehead and chin are pointed. If you are blessed with this face shape, you also have a strong and defined jawline. Going for a half updos, chignons or ponies can highlight your jaw. Some short hairstyles can help draw attention to the angles of your face. Bob with side layered bangs and a centered parting with layers that end at your cheekbones can bring out the beauty of your face shape. Ex-singer and fashion icon Victoria Beckham has a triangle-shaped face. 

4. Round 



A round face is characterized by similar lengths and widths along with round, prominent cheeks. There are a couple of styles that you might want to bring more definition to your face. Long layered cuts and choppy pixie cuts will help you get just that. However, if you want to highlight the shape of your face, get long staggered layers that begin around the jawline. Meanwhile, if getting a long and sleek look is your aim, a short side fringe that finishes at the eye will do the trick. An example of a celeb with a round face is Emma Stone.

 5. Rectangle 


Those with rectangular faces have a forehead, cheekbones, and jaw of the same width. But their face is much longer than the width. The best feature of those with rectangular faces is their cheekbones. You can enhance your cheekbones with layers, curls, or waves and also soften the angles of the face with it. A slightly wavy hair or rounded, fringed bangs can soften your sharp angles while a soft chignon can draw attention to your jaw. Sandra Bullock rocks her rectangle face.

6. Heart 


If you have a heart-shaped face, you have a narrow jawline but your forehead and cheekbones are of the same widths. Apart from that, the length of your face is much longer than the width. Various hairstyles can accentuate the features of your face. Waves or curls can bring out the jawline. A long side-swept cut can bring more focus to the bottom of your face. If you like short hair, a bob or even a side-parted pixie cut with textured ends can give your jaw a sense of fullness. Among celebrities, Gwyneth Paltrow has a heart-shaped face. 

7. Oval 


An oval-shaped face is characterized by wider cheekbones and a forehead and jaw of the same breath. You can try a number of hairstyles that will help you elevate your well-balanced face. A long, wavy hairstyle with minimal layers or a short, wavy bob are some styles that can help you achieve the chic look. It will also give you a sleek and confident look. An example of a celeb with an oval face is Cindy Crawford.