Pick Your Favorite F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Character And We’ll Reveal What Kind Of Personality You Have

Pick Your Favorite F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Character And We’ll Reveal What Kind Of Personality You Have

They become your favorite character because you end up seeing parts of your own personality in them. Here's what it is.

You can watch the entire series from front to back about a dozen times and it will still never get old. You may be happy, sad, sick, bored, lazy, or in just about any mood, and you are instantly comforted when you put an episode of FRIENDS on. What makes the show so wonderful is how each of the characters is so relatable and yet, unique in their own ways. And the character that's closest to your heart struck a chord with you because of your own special quirks. Here's what your favorite FRIENDS character can say about you.


1. Chandler

You're strong on the outside but soft on the inside. The more people saw of Chandler, the more they saw how much there is to love about him. If he's your favorite character, it shows how you're the kind of person who has unexpected ways of making your loved ones feel appreciated. When you see someone you love miserable, all you want to do is make them feel better and you would do anything to see them crack a smile.


You've had to go through some tough experiences when you were younger and it's made you stronger. But sometimes, you might mask your feelings behind humor and put on a face for the people you love because you don't want to add your problems to their plate. You take time accepting your feelings and can sometimes get caught up in your own thoughts. But when you're finally ready to deal with them, you pull through in wonderful ways.

2. Monica

You're the glue that keeps your friends and family together. There's nothing you love more than taking care of your friends and family, just like Monica throughout the show. From cooking a hearty meal for them on Thanksgiving to showing up at their front door when they desperately need you, you're always there for your loved ones no matter what. What brings out the best in you is having the right partner and the right friends beside you.


Sometimes, you can be a perfectionist who obsesses over the littlest, most insignificant details, and people might not be able to keep up with you. And you might never have broken a single rule in your life. But you're always ready to make space in your life (or give up your guest bedroom for a high school friend even if you haven't seen them in years) because you will never leave someone out to deal with their issues alone. 

3. Joey

You have a heart of gold and would do anything for your loved ones. You have a charming personality just like Joey and you're often the life of the party. People around you feel so at ease because of the warmth you carry with you. You can see the lighter side of things and there's a child inside you that keeps you young and hearty. Most people only get to see your fun-loving spontaneous side, while the people you truly love get to see that you have your own fears and vulnerabilities.


People admire your honesty and they know that you would never lie to them even when it's difficult to say the truth. You trust people very easily and wouldn't mind giving the shirt off your back, but sometimes people can take advantage of your giving nature. You might learn it the hard way but you're slowly learning where to draw the line. Most importantly, you never stop yourself from dreaming big and you don't mind struggling to get to where you want to be (even if your passion is being an A-list actor). 

4. Phoebe

You don't care about fitting in, and that's what makes people love you even more. Life may have put you through some of the worst experiences when you were young or even as a child, but as you grow older, you will still be able to walk tall with a smile, like Phoebe. When your loved ones want an honest, no-filter opinion about something important, they come to you because they know you're brave enough to be brutally honest.


You stay true to who you are, never changing for anyone. You don't care about blending with the crowd; you are unapologetically you and that's why people admire you. People who don't know you well enough may think that you come off as too strong. You might have seen how some people couldn't handle your honesty in the past, but the ones who stick by you get to see how loyal you are. You might have also gained a notorious reputation for being the fun-loving aunt or uncle whose always ready for a good time.

5. Ross

You believe that true love will last and you fight hard for the relationships in your life. Ross always took the time out for everybody in his life and just like him, you are also able to balance the many roles in your life — being a sibling, being a parent, being a partner, being a son or daughter, and being a friend. You balance every relationship in your life and make sure to put effort into each of them.


You are also always ready to make grand gestures for the important people in your life. While sometimes you may be the over-thinker, other times you act on impulse without thinking at all. You're often the first person your friends and family will call up because they know you'll have a logical solution for everything. Sometimes, you may listen to your over-analytical mind too much, but the times you listened to what your heart said were the times you never regretted.

6. Rachel

You will never sacrifice your independence and self-respect for anything. Rachel didn't hesitate to walk out of an unhappy relationship on her wedding day and leave behind a wealthy life, and just like her, you know how important it is to believe in yourself even when it feels hard. You easily steal the spotlight and win the hearts around you.


Sometimes, you don't believe in yourself and you feel like you need some validation. But your loved ones remind you that you have it in you. You know when to speak up and even when you have arguments, people can't stay mad at you for too long. Whether it's relationships, your career, your interests, or life in general, you believe in second chances and put your heart into them. If it means losing a few unimportant along the way, you're willing to do it because you know you deserve to be happy.