7 Ways A Mom's Love Is The Reason Why Your Kids Are The Way They Are

7 Ways A Mom's Love Is The Reason Why Your Kids Are The Way They Are

They will always turn to you for that familiar comfort in the toughest of times, no matter how old they are.

Motherhood was one of the hardest and also, most wonderful journeys you had in your life. Agreed, the sleepless nights and feeling like there's never time to catch a breath was hard in the beginning. But watching the little ones grow and learn, make mistakes and get better, the sweet surprises, and the unexpected challenges were all worth every bit. And no matter what age they are, you will always see them with a smile on your face and pride in your heart, watching them grow into wonderful people.

And it's because of you.

You may forget to give yourself credit for their growth, but this how you, as a mother, impacted the little ones that you raised.

1. You were the first person in their life they felt an unbreakable attachment to

From the moment their tiny eyes opened after birth, they fell in love with you and felt safe in your arms. As a mother, you gave your children their first experience of unconditional love. They felt a strong emotional attachment to you and it gave way to a bond they will always cherish for the rest of their lives. When they're adults, they will fondly look back at their times with you and it will fill them with comfort.

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2. You were your child's first role model, first best friend, and the first real hero

Nobody else could have cared for your children the way you did. Growing up, they saw you go through the toughest experiences and still keep your head held high. As they got a little older, they realized how much you did for them without ever complaining. And that's why they hope to be just like you as adults. You were the first person they looked up to, the first person they shared their childish secrets with, and the first person they wholly trusted.

3. You were, and still are the strong woman your kids need in their lives

They may not always realize it, but every child learns from their mother, the little habits and perhaps even mannerisms. The strong will and resilience that your kids are made of, it wasn't by mistake or mere coincidence. The positive attitude they have today is because they were raised by a mother whose sheer strength defined her. They saw a mamma who never gives up even when the going gets tough, and that gave them the extra push they needed to take on their own problems in life.

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4. Your kids didn't need books to learn life's greatest lessons, they just needed you

When life throws troubles at them, they will hear your voice inside their head, filling them with words of encouragement and helping them decide between difficult choices. You taught them the most important lessons they needed to learn. Whether it's being sensitive to the needs of others or respecting others for their opinions, you showed it to them. Whether it's the hardwork or discipline they need to live the best life they know, they learnt it from you.

5. You showed them the importance of family and relationships

Even when they were little, your children could see how you always worked to keep the entire family together. They saw the way you let others leaned on you and how you were never afraid to ask for help when you needed it. It's through you that your children know why meaningful relationships with loved ones matter and how they can be there for their family, just the way you are.

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6. Your child was always watching as you spread love and kindness to others

Not only were you kind, caring, and supportive to your child, but you were also the same with everyone around you. You encouraged your child to take risks and never forgot to be kind to them even when they faltered or failed. Through the little things you did, you gave them the self-confidence they needed. And the kind souls that they are today is also because they were quietly watching the way you were compassionate to the people around you.

7. You assured them that no matter where they go, you are always there for them

The one person that's always rooting for your kids' happiness and success is you. No matter how old they get, no matter where they go, they know that you will always be there for them. And that's given them the confidence to chase after what they believe in, the way you did. You raised them to never doubt themselves and it's why they are emotionally secure today. And when things don't go their way, you are the first person they call because they know you will know exactly what to say to push them forward.

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