Fun Test: What Type Of Person Are You Meant To Fall In Love With Based On Your Birth Month?

Fun Test: What Type Of Person Are You Meant To Fall In Love With Based On Your Birth Month?

The person you are meant to be with is still waiting for you.

We are all meant to fall in love at some point in our life. Though many of us give up on finding love as we grow older, believing it's too late, the right person is meant to come around. Though you might not know who they are, you can find out what kind of person you are meant to be with based on your birth month. 

Here are some of the traits of people born in different months and the likely match for you.

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1. January 

You are an honest and straightforward person. You believe in opening your heart to the people you love, and you will never be with someone who will disrespect you. People born this month are meant to fall in love with bold and independent partners. Such people motivate you and keep you on your toes. They excite you, and your relationship will be nothing less than magical. Sparks will fly between you and your partner. Your physical and mental chemistry will make you believe you were truly meant to be. 

2. February

You are an active person with a fixed set of goals. You know what you want, and you will never settle for anything less. The person you are meant to be with is easy-going and affectionate. While expressing your love is not your strong point, your partner will pour out their love through every word and deed. Your relationship with them will never be boring. It will be unpredictable and sometimes challenging. But tough times will pass only to make your relationship deeper. 

3. March

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Born with a quick sense of wit, you can catch anybody's attention. The person you will fall for will be more good listener. They will admire your ability to hold any conversation and take pride in calling you their partner. Though they are likely to be silent, they will be a passionate and loyal lover. Your relationship will be well-balanced. Your partner has the ability to calm your anger and help you navigate through any situation. 

4. April

You are a charismatic person with a creative streak. People around you admire you and stay around because of how much you value them. You will fall in love with someone, who notices everything about you, including your flaws. Your partner will be able to see through you in any situation. They will stand by you at all times and share the same love for creativity. You are meant to be with someone who is ready to be a problem solver rather than a drama creator. As partners, you will consult each other before taking the smallest decision. 

5. May

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You are a respectful and hardworking person. Work is worship for you, and you love your family. You are meant to be with someone who respects your space and gives a lot of importance to relationships in life. They trust you and make the most of every time you get together. They will help you organize your thoughts when you are lost, and they will give you the time to recharge when you need it. Your relationship will be very organic, and you will never find it difficult to speak your mind to them.

6. June

You are a romantic and caring person. You tend to get anxious at times and worry a lot. The person you will fall for is a kind-hearted person, with whom you feel safe. They will be as expressive as you are and will also be your best friend. Since your relationship has a strong foundation of friendship, there will be no room for misunderstanding and insecurities. The person meant for you will also calm you down rather than make you more anxious.

7. July

Your personality is very strong and most people are intimidated by you. However, you are a sensitive person deep within. You are highly emotional but you do not like to show it to the people around you. The right person for you will decode your feelings and thoughts. They will understand you beyond what your words and actions. Your relationship may go through emotional rollercoasters, but your love for your partner will help you find a reason to stay with them. 

8. August

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You are a lovable person but not everyone can keep up with your intensity. The person you are meant to be with is some cheerful and vibrant. They are not afraid of intense emotions, but they will know how to balance you with positivity and a smile. They will influence you with their good thoughts and elevate your mood when you feel bogged down. Your relationship will be fun-filled with so many adventures, yet they know when to listen and understand your feelings.

9. September

You are a sympathetic and sincere person. You are highly organized and know what you want, although not everyone can understand your nature. You are meant to be with a romantic person, who brings out your fun side. They will help you discover new things and change your need to remain constantly in control. This person will add value to your life by making you trust the process of life rather than be worried by small details. The relationship with the right person will be transparent and discussing things with your partner will give you clarity.

10. October

You are someone who deeply values friends and family over materialistic things. While it is easy for you to connect with people, you prefer to balance it with time alone for yourself. The person you are meant to be with is warm and welcoming, They dislike being the center of attention but has the quiet confidence that can handle any situation. You and your partner will have great emotional intimacy and share a pragmatic approach toward life. 

 11. November


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You are mysterious and charming. You fear that expressing your emotions may make you look weak. The person you are meant to be with is emotional and sincere. They are someone who will be intrigued by your mysterious personality. Your relationship thrives on trust and loyalty. However, you might have challenging times because of your stubborn nature. With the right person, you will learn to see that there are different ways to perceive the same situation.

12. December 

You are someone who puts their family first. You are trustworthy and loyal to your small circle, and it takes a lot for you to let somebody into your life. The person you will fall for is just like you in terms of traits. They love hanging out with family and friends. They won't post pics or claim their love for you by screaming from a rooftop. Yet, they value relationships deeply. They might appear shy and introverted, but they will make you feel secure in your relationship. You and your partner will always find new ways to keep the spark going. 

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