2-Year-Old Boy Starved to Death After His Dad Suffered Fatal Heart Attack at Their Home

2-Year-Old Boy Starved to Death After His Dad Suffered Fatal Heart Attack at Their Home

The father died of cardiac arrest while his son died after acute starvation, concluded the investigators.

Cover Image Source: David Conde Obituary

In an unsettling incident where the father-son duo was found dead in their apartment in February 2022, reports New York Post. Some shocking and heart-wrenching reports have surfaced and left people deeply sorrowful. In the recent statement by the Sheriff's Department, the 2-year-old toddler died due to starvation. In the reports which previously stated the death of the father was due to cardiovascular arrest, the death of his 2-year-old son was yet to be traced. The authorities revealed recently the reasons behind their death in the upstate New York home this year.



David Conde Senior was 59 years old when he suffered a heart ailment with his son David Conde Junior. The two were found dead on February 15, 2022. Their apartment in Geneva is about 45 miles southeast of Rochester and 55 miles southwest of Syracuse in the United States of America. The Ontario County Sheriff's Department said in a statement that the toddler's cause of death was starvation, and the manner was ruled to be accidental.

Police were called to the home to perform a welfare check as the deceased Conde Senior had not been in touch with the social circle for several weeks, said Lt. Joseph Murphy. The pair had neither been reported missing, nor any homicide was suspected.


The child was not in daycare and the duo was last seen outside their apartment in January 2022. "It is believed that Mr. Conde passed away first, and the child was not able to obtain any nourishment after his father passed," the statement concluded.

The authorities since the incident located and interviewed the child's mother. The family could not be reached at the phone numbers listed for them for any comments on the unfortunate turn of events.

The investigators have concluded that there were no signs of forced entry or foul play in the apartment, and neither the father had any suspicious interaction earlier this year before their apartment started showing no sign of life.


The Monroe County Medical Examiner’s Office determined that 59-year-old David Conde senior died of cardiovascular disease. His son, David Conde junior, starved to death. It is believed that the father passed away first and the child starved afterward. The electric baseboard heat was turned off, and the apartment was being heated with space heaters, room by room, though they were not on at the time, investigators say. The two were "dressed for bed" and the man was found in bed, while the two-year-old was found by the bed. The unit does have its own natural gas water heater, investigators say, so the investigators suspected whether or not carbon monoxide could have caused their deaths. Deputies say the boy’s father had primary custody of the child, and it had been a while since his mother saw him.




Cover Image Source: David Conde Obituary