Bride Demotes Her Cousin From Being Maid Of Honor For Being ‘Too Fat’

Bride Demotes Her Cousin From Being Maid Of Honor For Being ‘Too Fat’

Now the TikToker has been uninvited from the wedding because of the video she made about the situation.

TikTok user Lia, or @liainlouisiana, received some harsh messages from her cousin who is about to get married. The TikToker shared text messages from her cousin telling her that she is demoted from maid of honor to bridesmaid because she doesn’t “have any control of (herself) to go on a diet.” In the screenshots of the exchange,  the bride, Alejandra, can be seen telling Lia that the bridesmaid group, “Isn’t a therapy session” after apparently having told her to go on a diet. Lia askd her cousin if she was "embarrassed" for fat-shaming her. “Of what … of telling you to go on a diet .. no … it’s my wedding,” Alejandra responded, according to the screenshot of the texts. Lia said that Alejandra “demoted me from maid of honor because I’m fat,” to which Alejandra said “yes.” “You don’t have any control of yourself to go on a diet,” she said. “I like people with discipline … You are still a bridesmaid … I’m going to sleep goodnight." Lia told her to have a good night and that she loves her in response. Lia posted a video of her eating a sandwich from Chick-fil-A as the sound “It’s like a reward” plays. The text messages can be seen in the background as she joked, "Chick-fil-A after this text exchange with my cousin."



Hundreds of people were shocked at the cousin's words but more shocked that Lia was not as offended by her cousin as they were. One person commented: I can see how understanding and compassionate you are in the comments but I am begging you to see that she has no respect for you & not to just take it. A second wrote: You legit said. Goodnight love you. Like she didn't just put you down and not give AF. Girl. Respect. Yourself. Another added:  I see you excusing her behaviour in replies so I just want you to know there is absolutely no justification to be treated like this. Especially by fam (sic).



In a follow-up video regarding the drama, Lia said she was uninvited from the wedding, according to The Sun. It seems that her cousin had uninvited her due to the TikTok video she made about the situation that had been garnering attention. “Yeah, I told her about it because it was kind of blowing up and she said I was uninvited, then tried to make it seem like it was my choice I wasn’t going,” she wrote. Now, the TikToker is determined to "respect" herself more after being treated unfairly by her cousin. "More wedding drama, because what is a wedding without bridesmaid drama. I'm not going to the wedding. I have cried all afternoon... I am uninvited," she said. "I'm not going, I'm returning my bridesmaid dress on Monday and that's that. First step to respecting myself, you guys said that I should, you know respect myself and not let people treat me like c**p... I am trying. I am doing my best." Her followers seemed to be glad that she stood up for herself with one supporter saying: Good. You deserve better! You're beautiful and one day somebody is going to be honoured to have you in their wedding!