Tiger Woods' Mistress Reveals How Woods Connived With Her To Fool His Wife Into Believing A Lie

Tiger Woods' Mistress Reveals How Woods Connived With Her To Fool His Wife Into Believing A Lie

Rachel Uchitel reveals all in HBO documentary

The Tiger Woods scandal is one that people can't quite get over. As the murky saga continues, a new detail about the scandal got revealed just when things were simmering down. The most recent being that Woods tried his best to convince his then-wife, Elin Nordegren, that the whole cheating scandal was fake using a planned phone call with his mistress Rachel Uchitel. 


Uchitel, 45, revealed this and a lot more in a rare in-depth interview for HBO's new documentary, "Tiger". The former nightclub managed not only gave a detailed account of the beginning of their love affair but also explained how it all came crashing down. However, recalling Wood's attempt to convince his wife that he was not cheating, Uchitel explains how it all went down. 


In November 2009, the National Enquirer set it all off by contacting the legendary athlete to tell him that it knew of his affairs and that it would be printing the story. When Woods heard this, he hatched a plan with Uchitel to shut it down even before it came out. “We had an extensive 30-minute conversation, Elin and I, convincing her that I was not having a sexual relationship with Tiger," she recollects, “And we talked about how I knew Tiger, how I knew his friends. How and why I was in Australia.” This trick worked as Nordegren seemed to believe the father of her children blindly.


“The story came out and no one really looked at it. Between this stupid story and my call with Elin, I remember thinking, ‘Oh my God, we’re going to slide right over this,’” Uchitel said. Two days later, their secret was exposed, “Tiger and I texted throughout the day saying we have a lot to be grateful for. We had gotten away completely unscathed in what could have been a complete nightmare,” she recollected, "Then I got a text message from Tiger later saying I was the only woman he’s ever loved. I remember feeling that things had never been better between us. And then he told me he’s taking an Ambien and going to sleep.”



However, Uchitel gets another text from Tiger that night, one that surprised her. “What came through was something like ‘When am I going to see you again?’, she explains. “And then the phone rang. I picked up and said something like, ‘Hey, babe, I thought you went to sleep?", however, it was not Tiger but Elin. who says, ‘I knew it was you.’


Minutes after this, the affair would make headlines as Tiger flees from his Florida home and crashes his car. Woods was treated for minor injuries but would become the subject to intense media speculation on the cause of the accident. It was all over that the athlete had cheated on his wife and that Nordegren had left her husband in one of the most expensive celebrity splits of all times, the New York Post reported.