Meet Isa, The 2022 Gerber Baby. She Has A Limb Difference And Her Mom Says She's A Strong Little girl.

Meet Isa, The 2022 Gerber Baby. She Has A Limb Difference And Her Mom Says She's A Strong Little girl.

This marks a huge step towards inclusion of disabled children. 'We hope Isa's story can bring more awareness for limb differences,' says her mom.

Gerber has revealed the winner of its 2022 photo search content and it is a baby with a limb difference.

Isa Slish from Edmond, Oklahoma has been given the honor 2022 Gerber Spokesbaby. Meredith Slish, Isa's mother, says that her child is a "strong, amazing little girl." She says that Isa, "loves to interact with the world around her and nothing will stop her." She added in a press release, "Her smile lights up the room and her laughter is irresistible," reports PEOPLE

Slish also shared her unique experience of being pregnant with Isa in September 2021. She said, "We knew Isa was special, she has shown us that every day since she came into our lives." She added, "We found out when I was 18 weeks pregnant that Isa would be born without a femur or a fibula in her right leg." She further said, "We hope Isa's story can bring more awareness for limb differences and create greater inclusion for children like her. Because, just like Isa, they too can be or do anything they want!"



Isa will work with Gerber to assist the next generation of infants in growing and thriving. It will entail her working as the team's official Chief Taste Tester, reviewing new baby food products and providing "advice."

Gerber Sweet Potato Puffs and Gerber 1st Foods Butternut Squash are two of Isa's favorite foods. Isa spends her days chattering to her 4-year-old sister Temperance, but she also likes playing with her stuffed hippo and listening to movie soundtracks. Isa's family will get free Gerber goods for up to a year, a $1,000 CGO wardrobe given by Gerber Childrenswear, and a $1,000 gift card from ezpz® for all of Isa's dishware and utensils.



Gerber will match Isa's monetary reward with a $25,000 gift to the March of Dimes' maternity and newborn health programs for the first time this year. Stacey D. Stewart, President, and CEO of March of Dimes said, "With this year's donation supporting March of Dimes' maternal and infant health programs, Gerber is furthering its longstanding partnership to give every family the best possible start." She added, "We're proud to be part of this year's Photo Search and join Gerber in congratulating Isa and her family."



Ann Turner Cook was the original Gerber baby featured in the brand's distinctive logo. Since then in 2010, the brand has launched a photo search every year inspired by the "countless photos sent by parents who see their little ones," to be featured in the Gerber's logo. Last year, baby Zane Kahin was awarded with the honor preceding Isa in the title. 

In 2018, Gerber named the first child with Down syndrome as their Spokesbaby for the year, per PEOPLE. Lucas Warren from Dalton, Georgia was awarded the title and a cash prize of $50,000 among other benefits. His father, Lucas Warren, said at the time, "We’re hoping this will impact everyone — that it will shed a little bit of light on the special needs community and help more individuals with special needs be accepted and not limited."





Cover Image Source: TODAY/Youtube