Man Dancing On Moving 18-Wheeler Dies After The Vehicle Passed Under a Bridge | "It Was Horrible"

Man Dancing On Moving 18-Wheeler Dies After The Vehicle Passed Under a Bridge | "It Was Horrible"

A man died after falling off the top of an 18-wheeler that he was dancing on when it passed under a bridge in Houston, Texas.

Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Ralph Orlowski

Trigger warning: This article contains graphic visuals and descriptions of injury that some readers may find distressing 

A gut-wrenching incident was reported in Houston when a 25-year-old jumped or climbed on the top of an 18-wheeler truck’s trailer. He died after he tripped over when the truck passed under a bridge in Houston. The man jumped on the trailer when it traveled down to Eastex Freeway as per the Houston Police Department’s Vehicular Crimes Division. Police also reported that the man was dancing and filming himself while he was on the top of that trailer, reported PEOPLE. 

The video of the man dancing and moving under one overpass before standing up again was shared on social media. The man was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital, where he was declared dead shortly after falling into moving traffic. As stated by the police and Houston Public Media, the man died as a result of multiple blunt impact injuries. Police are still looking for the deceased. After evaluating the truck driver, police reported that the driver was unaware that someone was on the moving truck's roof, and he was later released without charges.


He seemed to duck underneath this freeway overpass before standing up on his feet in the clip shared on social media. The video ends just as the truck approaches another overpass. A few people witnessed this disturbing incident, which they describe as gut-wrenching, distressing, and heartbreaking. People who witnessed the incident posted comments on Facebook describing the incident which they had witnessed. One of the witnesses named Crystal Davis wrote “I saw the contorted body and broken neck and arm. It was a horrible way to begin a day, I took the time to describe the imagery because it was traumatic for myself and everyone actually there. EVERYONE had the look of, why? Why did this have to happen." Further another commenter Gabriela Diaz wrote, “I was also about 4 cars behind and I could not believe my eyes... my hand went right over my mouth with disbelief and sadness running thru me." 

Many users on social media blamed the constant and growing pressure to be active on social media in various ways in order to be relevant. It's heartbreaking to see how today's youth are willing to put their lives in danger for a few likes, shares, and comments. Jay Garcia, one of the users, wrote, "There it went..... who told him to dance on the truck like it's cool?" In certain circumstances, actions have consequences."




Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Ralph Orlowski