Can You Spot The Mouse Hiding Among The Mushrooms? Click Within For Clues

Can You Spot The Mouse Hiding Among The Mushrooms? Click Within For Clues

Solving brain teasers is a fun activity. This is a great way to make your family gatherings interesting.

Engaging ourselves in games is better than spending hours in front of a screen. Though it might not seem as entertaining as watching a random dog video or watching your favorite talk show, it is important to give your brain something active to work through. However, with the pandemic still going on, not everyone might be able to engage in physical activities outdoors. This is where brain teasers and puzzles come to your rescue. They are a perfect way to exercise and sharpen your brain. Besides, you can also engage your family and spend some quality time together. 

This puzzle created by Gergely Dudás is simple yet not too easy. The picture below shows different colored mushrooms; all you have to do is to find the mouse hiding among them.

Source: Gergely Dudas blogpost

Well, it might look a bit tough but you can crack it. Look carefully and see if you can spot the ears of the tiny mouse. You got your clue right there. 

Did you see it? Take a couple of more minutes.

It seems like you are taking more than expected. I am going to spill one more clue. Let's assume a cat is charging from the right, so the little mouse is likely to be hiding....

Did that help?

Some of you might have found the mouse but let us wait for others. 

Here is the last clue that will help you find the mouse sooner. The mouse is not on the stem of the mushroom. So you know where to focus. 

Time's up! Look below for the solution. 

Source: Gergely Dudas blogpost