Son Shaves His Own Head Because He Didn't Want His Cancer-Stricken Mom To Feel Alone

Son Shaves His Own Head Because He Didn't Want His Cancer-Stricken Mom To Feel Alone

Tycho felt helpless when he learned that his mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer but wanted to support her no matter what.

Being diagnosed with cancer can be a frightening experience and it's natural for others to want to be supportive of their loved ones. Sometimes you might not know what to say or do. Everyone with cancer reacts differently to the dreaded disease and their loved ones may not always know how to offer support. They themselves might not be able to cope with knowing that someone so dear to them has been diagnosed with it. The first thing to do is be reliable yourself. According to Healthline, Psychotherapist Yuko Nippoda, a spokesperson for the UK Council for Psychotherapy suggested, “In order to support others, it is very important that you yourself are supported. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you attend a support group for carers and share your experience with others.” She also suggested bringing some joy and laughter into their lives. “Cancer patients can easily feel depressed and their energy level can be very low,” said Nippoda. “Laughter is a good tool for raising the energy level. It’s important that cancer patients can have happy moments.”

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For Instagram user @tycho.vk who goes by Tycho the diagnosis was devastating. He recently discovered that his mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer. People undergoing chemotherapy lose their hair so many patients often shave their heads. This can drastically change their appearance and many struggle with a feeling of a loss of identity. Tycho did not want his mother to feel that way. So when he took a trimmer to shave his mother's head, during the process he decided to shave his own! The gesture reaffirmed to her that she was not alone in this journey and that her son would have her back through it all. 



Tycho documented the moment on Instagram where it went viral.  The video ends with both of them with their newly shaven heads and the words "Zero regrets. I love you.  Many wellwishers wished Tycho's mom a speedy recovery and applauded the young man's gesture.  "Crying! You are the sweetest son   God bless your mum on her journey. Sending love & healing vibes," wrote one person. He responded to the outpour of love and explained that "a while back my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. For a long time, I felt powerless because I couldn't do anything to help. After a while, the time came when I had to shave off my mother's hair. Here, I finally found a moment to do something to show that she is not alone: ​​shave my own hair too. I wanted her reaction on video as a reminder. I put this memory on social media, with my mother's permission. I never expected the reach of the video," he wrote. He also plans on taking part in a marathon in Eindhoven, Netherlands to raise funds for cancer research. He shared, "I am going to run against cancer, along with many others, during the Marathon in Eindhoven. I'm participating to raise money for cancer research. Money that is very much needed, because 1 in 3 people in the Netherlands is still diagnosed with cancer. I want to raise as much money as possible for cancer research. In this way, I still have the feeling that I can do something against this disease."