118-Year-Old Nun Is The World’s Oldest Person And She Still Lives A Fulfiling Life

118-Year-Old Nun Is The World’s Oldest Person And She Still Lives A Fulfiling Life

She has lived through the major historic events, including the both world wars.

A 118-year-old Nun from France has been deemed the oldest person on earth.

The last place-holder of the title, Kane Tanaka, passed away in Japan at the age of 119, per CNN. So, Lucile Randon, known as Sister Andre, from Toulon holds the title of the world's oldest person. She lives in a nursing home and has completely lost her eyesight. 

Sister Andre has lived throughout a complete century and has witnessed all the major historic events we read about in books. She was born on 11 February 11, 1904, even before World War I began. Laurent Toussaint, a computer scientist and amateur tracker for the IDL and the French Institute of demographic studies (INED), spoke to France 24 and said that she, "indeed becomes the oldest, and by far, since the next oldest is a Polish woman who is 115." 



The Nursing home's communications director David Tavella said, "She's happy, she likes very much this attention." However, he added that, "her real goal is to overtake Jeanne Calment." Calment was a French woman who was 122-years-old before her death in 1997. Sister Andre is living a fulfilling life and starts her day with breakfast and morning mass. 

Among the many letters and boxes of chocolates given by well-wishers this year, Sister Andre received a handwritten New Year's greeting from the French President Emmanuel Macron. She spoke to the outlet, "I was always admired for my wisdom and intelligence, but now people could care less because I'm stubborn." Before taking her vows with the Daughters of Charity, she worked as a governess in Paris, which she once described as the best moment of her life. 




She said in the interview, "I'm thinking of getting out of this business but they won't let me." The majority of centenarians reside in the world's so-called blue zones, where people live longer lives than the norm, such as Okinawa in Japan or Sardinia in Italy. France does not fall into these blue-zones but has 30,000 centenarians.

Tanaka was 119-year-old at the time of her death and was, "hospitalized and discharged repeatedly," before her demise, per the Guinness World Records. Tanaka was known for her sweet tooth and even in her final days, she constantly craved chocolate and cola. She was a woman with great spirits who reportedly said in a tweet posted by her family, "I was able to come this far with the support of many people. I hope you will continue to have fun, [and be] cheerful and energetic."





Cover Image Source: Youtube/Guinness World Records