7 Signs You Have The Mysterious Personality Of A Lone Wolf

7 Signs You Have The Mysterious Personality Of A Lone Wolf

There's something emotionally powerful and mysterious about you, just like a wolf with a free spirit.

You've always known you're different from others but it took you a while to understand why.

It never mattered to you what the rules are and it never mattered to you what people think. You always had a strong sense of identity and that's what sets you apart. It meant you refused to conform to the delusional ideas of society. Here's why you stand out from the rest.

1. You are fiercely independent and love your alone time 

The same power and independence that a wolf walks with is the same attitude that resonates within you. You hold on to your sense of freedom in everything you do. And you love taking time out to be by yourself because that's when you can get in touch with your feelings. Being in tune with your emotions is important to you and quiet time helps you do that.

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2. Very few are able to see what's beneath your mysterious surface

There's nothing ordinary about you. When you walk into a room of people, they can see that there's something different about you but they can't put a finger on it. There's an air of mystery around you because you're a private person who doesn't let on much. People find you hard to read, but that's exactly what makes you more appealing to others. They're drawn to you because they want to see what's beneath the surface.

3. You rarely show people your emotions, no matter how intense they are

You're not someone that people would describe as "an open book". You often keep your feelings to yourself because you know that you can handle your problems on your own without needing the sympathy or pity of others. Only your loved ones know when you're going through something intense because you don't want to deal with fake people who pretend to care.

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4. You prefer smaller packs over large social groups

You're a free spirit who loves the company of your family and friends. They are the only ones who get to see that you're a spirit soul. When it comes to large social groups, you take your time to get to know them well before you show them the warmth and care you are made of. But you are only truly yourself when you are with your close-knit pack.

5. You are confident in yourself even when you feel vulnerable

Even a strong-willed lone wolf like you has experienced moments of weakness. But even on days where you felt afraid, scared, and extremely vulnerable, you never lost faith in yourself. By finding hope in heartache and turning pain into strength, you have come out of some of the worst experiences brave and strong.

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6. You sometimes seem detached because you find it hard to trust people

Sometimes, people think you're isolated, detached, and unemotional. But what they don't see is the many times you have had your trust broken. When you showed people your passionate side or gave your heart away to them, they may have mistreated you. And ever since then, you have been careful about who you open up to. You've learned to detach yourself from manipulative people whilst giving your trust and deep loyalty only to a few.

7. You unleash your wild side when people try to take advantage of you

What's most distinctive about you as a lone wolf is the fearless attitude that you have. When people dare to cross the line with you, you make sure that you stand up for yourself. You've been through way too much to stand by and let people take advantage of you or your loved ones. Those are the times when the claws come out and you make sure that people don't walk all over you.