6 Signs That Reveal You And Your Emotions Are Not A Priority To Your Partner

6 Signs That Reveal You And Your Emotions Are Not A Priority To Your Partner

Relationships thrive on respect for each other. However, when one partner tries to impose themselves on the other, it is not meant to be.

Every person in a relationship wants their loved one to treat them with respect and love. They want them to connect to them emotionally and mentally. Moreover, they hope to have an important place in the life of their partner. However, if you are feeling left out by the one you love, here are a few signs that say you and the relationship is not a priority for your partner:

1. Your partner takes you for granted 

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It is common for partners to be dependant on each other. However, an over dependant relationship where the burden of doing everything lies on one person is not a healthy relationship. Your partner relies on you completely but you have never heard them thank you or appreciate your efforts. You almost feel like they think it is your duty to do the things they ask you to do. 

2. Your partner uses guilt to manipulate you

Your partner always gets their way around everything. But, if they feel it is not going to happen, they try to trick and manipulate you into feeling that you have done something wrong. They make you feel like you are the one disrespecting them and avoiding them. By making you feel guilty, they are trying to establish control over you. 

3. Your partner does not value your boundaries

If you express your discomfort in any topic, your partner does not seem to care. If they want something, they make it happen even if it hurts you and crosses all the boundaries. They are self-absorbed and nothing is more important to them than their own opinions, wants, and feelings. Their ears are deaf to your voice. 

4. Your partner makes you doubt yourself 

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Before meeting your partner, you were a confident person known for being resourceful and smart. However, things have changed over the years. Your partner's repeated negative comments have affected you. You often think if his opinion of you is true and start to view yourself as a weak, incapable person.

5. Your partner dismisses your emotions 

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Every time you want to talk about something that is bothering you in the relationship, your partner brushes it away. If you feel sad and angry, they tell you to stop overreacting. Your partner's response to emotions has stopped you from showing your vulnerabilities to them. Deep within, you know that it is never going to matter to them.

6. Your partner believes their thoughts are more important than yours

Your partner always has an upper hand in the relationship. They never listen to you and are always quick to belittle you. Many at times, they don't even show the patience to wait to tell it in private. They embarrass and insult you in front of your friends. You are no stranger to be imposed with their views and decisions. 

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