Seal Beaten Unconscious By Tourists So That Children Could Take Photos With It

Seal Beaten Unconscious By Tourists So That Children Could Take Photos With It

The shocking incident was filmed and went viral on social media soon after.

Trigger Warning: This article contains graphic details of animal abuse that may be triggering to readers.

In today's high-tech world, people are desperate for the perfect picture to post on social media. But how low would you go? This story is another reminder that wild animals shouldn't be used as photo props. A group of tourists beat a seal till it was unconscious just so that the children in the area could take a photo with the animal. The shocking incident took place in Kazakhstan. It was also filmed in the village of Kuryk, a seaside town located on the eastern shore of the Caspian Sea, reports The Daily Mail.


A group of men can be seen attacking the poor creature with boulders and stick just as it swam close to the shore. What's worse was that no one intervened to stop the attack. Instead, a crowd gathered and watched the animal being beaten mercilessly. According to local news reports, the vicious assault continued till the defenseless animal was unconscious. An unnamed witness told local media, "They beat the seal up until it passed out. Then they pulled it out of the water so that children could take pictures and have fun. After that, they threw the motionless body back into the sea. I don’t know if it survived."


A similar incident took place in the City of Aktau, located over 43 miles away from Kuryk and it also involved a seal.... a baby seal, in fact. A video shows a group of tourists pelting rocks and stones at a baby seal when the animal approached them. Yevgeniya Mukasheva, a model from the country, shared the video with her followers and wrote: If an animal comes close to you, it means it trusts you. How could you throw stones at the defenceless pup and laugh? Have you lost your mind?! Officials in Kazakhstan voiced their disapproval and commented on the video of the incident. Saken Dildakhmet, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Ecology, Geology, and Natural Resources wrote: The way people acted in the video is outrageous and wild. Such an attitude can cause a great damage to the fauna of the Caspian Sea and adversely affect the behaviour of these animals who may become aggressive and attack people. He also urged people to stop attacks towards animals and said: "We ask you to show respect to nature." Environment officials pointed out that seals are curious creatures who often approach people. Dildakhmet added that "the seal in the clip is young and playful. The seals are mostly very friendly and curious marine mammals. We should admire them."

Representational Image Source: Getty Images/ Alastair Pollock Photography

Animals lovers were outraged after hearing about the incident. One person tweeted: I hope these people are rounded up and charged with cruelty 5 years without parole for such a horrible act. And let me tell you nature has the tools to turn against humans and we won't stand a chance. And my opinion it's already started I have no other words but sick ich. Another added: Animal abuse. The annoying part is that they do this in the presence of the kids.