School Warns Mom About ‘Strange Man’ Picking Up Daughter, Not Realizing It Was Her Without A Wig

School Warns Mom About ‘Strange Man’ Picking Up Daughter, Not Realizing It Was Her Without A Wig

Shanta, who goes by @heyshantaq on TikTok, shared how she realized who the "mysterious man" was.

It's something no parent ever wants to hear. A mom or dad being told that their child is seen with a stranger can be terrifying. Shanta, who goes by @heyshantaq on TikTok, said that school authorities had told her that a "strange man" was picking up her daughter every day from school. And no it wasn't the child's father. Who could it be? When they went on to describe the person, Shanta took a step back. She knew someone that matched the description. While the situation sounds scary, there's a twist in the tale. And it turns out that it's pretty funny!



Shanta's account of the incident is so hilarious that her TikTok video went viral garnering more than 1.3 million likes! Talking about the unfolding of events, she elaborated in the video that the school contacted her and told her that her daughter had "been leaving the school with a strange man every day — and it was not her dad." The mom who obviously was stressed out began to panic as soon as she hear that... as any parent would. "I was trembling. My heart was beating outside of my chest," the terrified mom added.

Source: TikTok/@heyshantaq



Shanta had already discussed with authorities prior that she must be alerted if something like this was ever to occur.  "I’ve always made it a point to tell the school that if my daughter leaves with someone outside of ourselves, that they need to contact us immediately," she said. So the worried mother wanted to get in on the details. Who was this man? Officials then described the stranger to her. “He was tall, stubby, looked like he was out of shape, his hair was fragile, he had a light mustache,” she recalled them telling her. "I asked them did they have any proof. They sent over a photo. My heart started beating. I started whimpering. I was shocked."



The stunned mom knew exactly who that person was. She knew who this "strange man" was; the man who was visiting his daughter at school and picking her up every day. She dreaded looking at the photo of the man. Because he looked very, very familiar.  She took a good look at him and she definitely knew him. "It was ME without my wig! It was ME y’all!" she screamed in the video.



The clip of the extremely relieved mom has been watched by more than 4 million people and everyone found it hilarious. Everyone was on edge as the mom narrated the story step by step.   "I went from concerned to dead in 10 seconds,” commented one concerned person, while another user wrote, “The way my hand clapped over my mouth I’m dead.” Another person added, "This is why they don't want you on your phone while driving.. almost drove off the road cause I was crying laughing! One user joked, “I was ready to send out an Amber Alert.” Sure the plot twist was not just funny but everyone agreed to be relieved that Shanta's daughter was safe and sound after all!