Ryan Reynolds Opens Up About His 'Lifelong' Struggle With Anxiety

Ryan Reynolds Opens Up About His 'Lifelong' Struggle With Anxiety

"One of the reasons I overschedule myself is my lifelong pal, anxiety. I know I'm not alone," the actor said

Do not let his wacky one-liners, charming smile, and confidence fool you. Unknown to the world, Ryan Reynolds has struggled for long with his mental health. The 44-year-old opened up about his "lifelong" battle with anxiety in an Instagram post in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, which is typically designated for the month of May, reported PEOPLE


After Acknowledging that the month is almost over, the Deadpool star wrote, "One of the reasons I'm posting this so late is I overschedule myself and important things slip. And one of the reasons I overschedule myself is my lifelong pal, anxiety. I know I'm not alone and more importantly, to all those like me who overschedule, overthink, overwork, over-worry, and over-everything, please know you're not alone. We don't talk enough about mental health and don't do enough to destigmatize talking about it. But, as with this post, better later than never, I hope...." 


This is not the first time that Reynolds has spoken about his mental health. In a 2016 interview with GQ, he spoke about how he mentally collapsed while making the first Deadpool movie which was a project he had worked on for 11 years. "I felt like I was on some schooner in the middle of a white squall the whole time. It just never stopped. When it finally ended, I had a little bit of a nervous breakdown. I literally had the shakes. I went to go see a doctor because I felt like I was suffering from a neurological problem or something. And every doctor I saw said, 'You have anxiety,' " he said, according to PEOPLE. 


Reynolds shared that the pressure to translate a beloved Marvel character to screen was "hard" on his "nervous system." "And I was banging the loudest drum for Deadpool. I wasn't just trying to open it; I was trying to make a cultural phenomenon," he explained. In an interview with The New York Times in 2018, he said that his early 20s were a "real unhinged phase" and revealed that he self-medicated to ease his anxiety during that period. "I have anxiety. I've always had anxiety. Both in the lighthearted 'I'm anxious about this kind of thing, and I've been to the depths of the darker end of the spectrum, which is not fun," he said, according to PEOPLE.