Man Ties The Knot With "Quiet, Obedient" Rice Cooker In A Bizarre Marriage, Divorces It Within A Week

Man Ties The Knot With "Quiet, Obedient" Rice Cooker In A Bizarre Marriage, Divorces It Within A Week

In a series of pictures, Khoirul Anam could be seen dressed as a groom while his cream-colored rice cooker was right beside him.

They say marriages are made in heaven but it was the kitchen where an Indonesian man feel for his trusty partner- a rice cooker. Yep, you heard that right we're talking about the same electric vessel that cooks fluffy rice. Khoirul Anam exchanged vows with his cooker bride last month and shared the news of the special union on Facebook. In a series of pictures, Anam could be seen dressed as a groom while his cream-colored rice cooker was right beside him. "White, quiet, obedient, doesn't talk much, knows how to cook.. I really want it 😊.. it's really hot.. without you my rice won't be cooked," read the translated caption of the picture where a traditionally dressed Anam could be seen with his the cooker, which had donned a sheer white veil.


In one of the pictures, the two could be seen sitting beside each other while faced a priest and in another one Anam can be seen kissing his bride. But that wasn't all, the man was also seen signing what seemed to be marriage papers in the string of images. It was no surprise that the photos went viral on social media however, just a few days later, Anam announced a divorce from his rice cooker wife. Explaining the reason behind this decision, he simply stated that his wife could only cook rice and nothing else, as if he had no idea about that fact prior to marriage. But people everywhere found this post extremely hilarious. 


"Entertainment, I think it's really overseas, haha," wrote one. "Jahidul Islam Khoirul Anam, are you married to a rice cooker? I'm just amazed! After three days, you are (sic) divorced again. Out of curiosity, I found you on Facebook from Bangladesh. So funny," shared another. "Wow... times have gone crazy, why are you going crazy too," added another. Per New18, the whole marriage, and divorce thing was a publicity stunt and Anam is apparently a well-known celebrity in Indonesia, who participates in similar skits very often. Although the whole thing was a sham, the weird post ended up serving its purpose of attaining virality and attracting more followers for Anam. 

Talking of weird marriage, how can we forget Yuri Tolochko of Kazakhstan who married his sex doll after living with her for a year and a half. Tolochko, who identifies as pansexual and can fall in love with "a character, an image, a soul, just a person", reportedly met Margo at a nightclub and saved her from her attackers. "I like the process of sex itself. And gender, sexual orientation is not particularly important here," he said, describing his sexual preference, per Daily Star. Tolochko also let everyone in on some personal details of his love life. "Our story turns me on much more than sex itself," he shared.


"I also love BDSM. I love being tortured, I can endure a lot of pain. I love to dominate too. Margo is capable of what other people are not capable of," added the muscle man, who tied the knot in November 2020. But when Margo went for repairs during Christmas, he ended up cheating on his wife and even tried to meet up with another sex doll, according to Daily Star. Obviously, his marriage ended but he did not want to disclose the reason of their breakup before. "I'm not ready to talk about the reasons for the divorce yet," he said at the time. But a few months later, it was clear that he had moved on with a new "lady" which was actually half toy chicken, half-human doll head.


He custom-built his new bride based on his preference. "I identify her as a massive chicken," he said in a video introducing his new wife to his Instagram followers. "Let me introduce to you my new wife. This is Lola. Lola [is] queer, she has not yet decided on her sexual and gender identity [she is in search]. Lola has a woman's head, a chicken's body, the navel has depth and can be used as a vagina and a penis inserted into it. I'll show you this one day."

Cover image source: Facebook | Khoirul Anam