5 Reasons That Show The Huge Impact Of Raising Your Children Around Their Grandparents

5 Reasons That Show The Huge Impact Of Raising Your Children Around Their Grandparents

There's nobody else in this world who can take the place of a grandparent and no bond will ever be as special as the one you have with them.

When you look back at your childhood, your favorite memories may have been where you sat on your grandpa's lap and listened to the magical stories he told you or baked chocolate-chip cookies with grandma. And when you had kids of your own, you could see their faces light up each time their grandma and grandpa would walk into the house.


Generation after generation, the one thing that has never changed is the irreplaceable role that grandparents have in the lives of kids. Here's why.

1. They come bringing happiness and take away the complicated bits of life

Raising your kids with their grandparents in their lives can be one of the best things you give them. They bring so much joy and happiness to your children's lives and it can even reduce their risk of developing depression as they become adults.

Sociology Assistant Professor, Sara Moorman, who studied the emotional relationship between grandparents and adult grandchildren found that they both take away better psychological wellbeing from the relationship. “We found that an emotionally close grandparent-adult grandchild relationship was associated with fewer symptoms of depression for both generations,” said Moorman, according to The Boston College Chronicle. “Grandparents and adult grandchildren can be real resources to each other.”


2. They see your children in a way that you will never be able to

Sometimes, you might underestimate your child's ability to learn something new or take a risk. For instance, you might think that they are not ready to take the training wheels off their bike, but when grandpa comes along, he manages to teach your daughter how to ride without training wheels in a matter of minutes. This was exactly what Nate Kornell, associate professor and author, experienced.


He explained for Psychology Today that grandparents have a way of looking at your children in a way that you will never be able to, and because of this, they are able to unlock the potential in your kids in a way that you might not be able to.

3. They love being involved and help raise well-rounded adults

Grandparents have endless stories to share and the meanings of those stories stick with children. That's why children who have their grandparents involved in their lives grow up with better emotional stability and less behavioral problems. While grandmothers coddle and smother grandkids with love, grandfathers are able to guide them and involve them in helpful activities.


Professor Ann Buchanan who conducted research at the University of Oxford found that grandmothers help in nurturing while grandfathers help in mentoring. Grandparents can especially help kids adjust to difficult situations and especially be the helping hand if their parents divorce.

4. They were there for your children when you couldn't be around

Not once did they ever hesitate to babysit your children or take them out for ice cream when you just needed time for yourself. Just knowing that they are there makes your heart feel lighter. As Association for Psychological Science pointed out, "It could be as simple as knowing that there is always someone there if you need them," when it comes to the benefits they provide for your child's development.


Sometimes, it could even be that your children are more comfortable sharing certain things with their grandparents instead of with you. They might be too embarrassed to admit to you that they got bullied or that they have a crush on someone in class, but they would feel comfortable sharing it with their grandma or grandpa and perhaps even ask for their advice.

5. They become trusted people that children can look up to

The people that your children grow up watching will have a lasting impact on them as they become adults. Grandparents become one of the first role models that children have and will have a positive influence as they bond together, according to KidsHealth.


Your kids would always be excited to spend the weekend at grandma's and grandpa's. And when they are together, grandpa will never refuse to read them a bedtime story or grandma may take them out to plant saplings in the garden. These are the kind of simple things that have a big impact on a child's development and they will always carry the effect with them into adulthood.