Priest Claims That The "Devil" Forced Him To Act After Being Caught Red-Handed On Camera

Priest Claims That The "Devil" Forced Him To Act After Being Caught Red-Handed On Camera

He was caught by her family members. They thrashed him till he confessed his gruesome crime.

Trigger warning: This story contains details of sexual assault that may be disturbing to some readers. 

In a horrifying incident, one priest was caught red-handed for sexually assaulting a woman. The priest, who went to the house to conduct prayers accused the "devil" of motivating him to commit the crime. 

According to The Sun, the priest identified as Daniel Souza from Belém, Brazil, was found abusing a woman, who was lying unconscious in the bedroom. Reports stated that Souza raped the woman in the house. Fortunately, he did not get away after committing the deplorable act because of the CCTV cameras. The security camera captured the heinous crime and the family members of the woman immediately intervened. 



They thrashed the priest and left him with bleeding wounds. The video showed the family yelling "you are the devil" to the man as they continued to assault him physically. Ultimately, the priest, who had no choice confessed to sexually abusing the woman. He added that he acted under the influence of the "devil" and the "enemy." He also claimed that he could not stop himself from the temptation. 

The video showed the priest profusely apologizing for his actions. The bloody-faced man is seen accepting that he failed. He also admitted that he had "done everything wrong."

Shortly after, the police got involved and the man was arrested. Meanwhile, such incidents of "godly" men assaulting and exploiting women are not rare. According to Inquirer, a Catholic priest named Rev. Armand Garcia was reported to have abused a teenage girl during her tenure at a Philadelphia parish. At the time, the teenage girl was an active member of the church. She sang in the choir, volunteered as an altar girl, and even filled in for church secretary positions whenever needed. 


The innocent girl believed the priest, who claimed he was in her life for a specific reason. Soon, the 16-year-old developed a crush on the priest. This subsequently paved way for the priest to take advantage of her. After offering her drinks and marijuana, the priest raped her. 

Recalling the traumatizing events in a court in 2019, the victim stated, "He came up from behind me and pushed me up against a wall. He held my arms down and spread my legs apart." She added, "I was wearing my school uniform. I didn’t know what to do."

Authorities also found that the priest filmed the abuse. "He said he wanted to have something to remember it by. I could only watch a few minutes. I was very uncomfortable," said the helpless victim. 


Over time, the priest began to establish more control over the young teenager. The abuse was inescapable and the teenager was forced to stay in it until she left for college in 2016. 

A year after, she gathered the courage to come forward with her story. Her statements resulted in exposing the priest's hidden side to the world.