Covid Positive Pregnant Woman Dies In Pain After Being Turned Away From 3 Hospitals

Covid Positive Pregnant Woman Dies In Pain After Being Turned Away From 3 Hospitals

The hospitals refused to treat her when they got to know that she had the virus. They claimed that "we are not a pandemic hospital."

A mother could not enjoy the joy of holding her baby in her arms because fate had some sinister plan for her. It made her suffer even before she could experience a tiny bit of joy. A nine months pregnant woman lost her life to COVID-19 in Instanbul, Turkey.



32-year-old Dön, was quarantined at home when she went into labor. She asked her husband Ramazan Kılınç to take her to the hospital as she was suffering from the pain, unaware that her day was only going to get harder. Ramazan took her to the Pendik Medipol Hospital where she was being treated for her pregnancy as well, however, contrary to the couple's expectations, they weren't even allowed inside the hospital.

Ramazan informed the medics in the hospital on November 3 that his wife was going through labor but she was also COVID positive. The troubled husband was shocked when the hospital asked him to take his wife somewhere else. “When I said that my wife had Covid-19, they did not even let us in. So I called the hospital director," revealed Ramazan.

"He told me, ‘we don't accept patients with Covid-19 to protect the other patients inside. We are not a pandemic hospital.' When I insisted, he replied ‘you can come back when your spouse's Covid-19 test is negative’. Meanwhile, my wife was writhing in pain,” he added and further revealed that they "shut their door in our faces, even though we had been their patients," according to Gazete Duvar.

After the distressed couple was asked to go from Pendik Medipol Hospital, he took Dön to two other hospitals where they faced the same ruthless treatment. "We went to Marmara Training and Research Hospital. However, here, too, 'We cannot treat pregnant women with Covid. There is a quota the state gives us for treatment. 'We cannot exceed this quota,' they sent us home," revealed Ramazan.

By the time Ramazan called up Medipol Hospital, Dön's pain had become uncontrollable. When the worried husband expected some hope, he only received disappointment. The hospital responded to his request with, "If your spouse's test is negative, come. Or we cannot accept it." Finally, one private hospital heard their pleas and took Dön to the operation theatre immediately. Unfortunately, it was too late to save her.



According to The Sun, the doctors at the private hospital asked Ramazan why he delayed admitting his wife. Even though Dön's condition was too critical to saving, they, fortunately, managed to their little baby. He divulged that the doctors told him that if he had been a little later, he "would have lost the baby too." The devastated Ramazan said, "If they wanted to, they could have operated my wife here as well. Is a person's life this cheap?" he asked.

The mourning husband is now suing the hospitals who refused treatment to his suffering wife. “My wife worked as a teacher in İdil district of Şırnak for 3 and a half years. I'm sure he wouldn't have experienced this much pain if he got sick there. We lost a woman who devoted her life to children and education for years. This state lost a teacher, a child his mother ... They let us down," he revealed.



When Gazete Duvar contacted Pendik Medipol Hospital for a statement, they said that Ramazan's claims were "unreal, defamatory and misleading the public." It further added that the hospital follows the "regulations and instructions" given to them by the Presidency and Minister of Health to fight the pandemic. "Until today, none of our patients have been turned from the door, and maximum attention and sensitivity have been shown in their treatment and care."

According to The Sun, Turkey reported 31,923 new coronavirus cases on December 2 which took the country's toll of people infected by the virus to 700,880. 193 deaths were recorded as well.