Police Officer Was Responding To A Shooting Only To See Her Son Lying Dead In Front Of Her Eyes

Police Officer Was Responding To A Shooting Only To See Her Son Lying Dead In Front Of Her Eyes

A police officer in Mississippi found that her son was the victim of the shooting she was responding to after reaching the crime spot.

Officer Laquandia Cooley of Missippi was responding to a street shooting as the Hazlehurst Police Department got a call late at night. However, as she reached the crime spot the victim of the shooting was none other than her 20-year-old son. She was horrified and shocked to see her son lying dead in front of her eyes. She talked to WLBT, "We initially responded to the call, not knowing when I made it over there, the person was going to be my son that was laying there."

After being shot in the head, Charles Stewart, Jr., 20, lay in the center of the roadway. Officer Cooley arrived at the scene and was shocked to see that her son had already died. The tragic incident took place on Larkin Street in Hazlehurst, Mississippi. Officers responded to a report of a death on Larkin Street at 2:00 a.m., according to Hazlehurst Police Chief Darion Murray. Charles Stewart Jr., 20, was recognized as the deceased, reports WJTV.

Cooley said, "As we get out, I look and I was like, ‘This is my son, this is my son.’ So, I literally just go into a break down you know? Like, why? Who would do this to my son?" She also said that she will never forget this traumatic sight that uprooted her whole life. "I couldn't even believe what I was seeing," she said with intense sadness and shock, per PEOPLE. "I was seeing my own son laying there on the ground dead. It was pretty much a panic. It was just, it was too much." The entire family is devasted to lose their young son to the hands of fate. 

According to media reports, Stewart Jr. died from a fatal gunshot wound on his head. Charles Stewart, Stewart, Jr.'s father, claims his son was a wonderful person who got along with everyone and didn't annoy anyone. So he couldn't believe it when he learned that his kid had been murdered. He talked to WLBT, "It’s traumatizing for the whole family. We’re just trying to cope day to day. Just trying to figure out why this happened and who could have did this." The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is in charge of the incident, with Hazlehurst police assisting. Murray stated that no suspects have been identified at this time. Stewart Jr,'s parents and family are mourning the death of their beloved child and are hoping that he gets justice. 





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