19 May, 2022

Man Snaps After Wife Leaves Sign on Door Telling His Mother to Stop Interrupting Them in Bedroom

Non-speaking Autistic Valedictorian Inspires Classmates With Moving Speech | "I Choose to Celebrate Small Victories"

Baby’s Huge Head Turned Out to Be Brain Tumor | Doctors Told Worried Mom It Was Normal

Homeless Teen Reunited With Dog and Finds a Shelter With the Aid of the Community

Woman Got Breast Implants Removed That Were Causing Severe Symptoms | “It Was the Best Decision I Ever Made”

Ukrainian Nurse Has Her First Dance in Husband’s Arms After Losing Both Legs in War | ‘Was Afraid to Lose Her’

Two Children With Down’s Syndrome Become Prom King and Queen


3 May, 2022

Pastor Married a Teenage Girl and Sexually Abused Her for 2 Years By Saying “God Wanted It”

22YO Student Claims Christian College Banned Her From Campus After She Reported Her Rape: "Why Did I Even Speak Up?"

Bride Spent Less Then $10 on Her Wedding Dresses | “I Still Felt Like a Princess on My Day”

6-Year-Old Set On Fire By Neighborhood Bullies. They ran away and watched him burn.

Two Brothers Fatally Shot 63-YO Woman on Her Birthday While She Was Releasing Balloons for Late Twin Sister

Mom Forced To Stab Family Dogs After They Attacked Her 1YO Daughter | “It Was Either Him Or My Daughter”

A Bride-To-Be Had a Skin Reaction With Eyebrow Tint That Left Her Hospitalized for 2 Days


26 April, 2022

Ukranian Model With World’s Biggest Cheeks Gets Surgery to Enchance Them Further

118-Year-Old Nun Is The World’s Oldest Person And She Still Lives A Fulfiling Life

47-YO Teacher’s Stage Four Cancer Was Dismissed as Anxiety | She Fought for Diagnosis for Almost a Year

91-Year-Old Jewish Woman Who Survived Holocaust 80 Years Ago Dies in The Same City In Russian Attack in Ukraine

Police Officer See A Homeless Woman Living in Her Car – What She Did Next Changed Her Life

61-Year-Old Man Is Finally Being Released After Spending Three Decades in Prison for a Crime He Did Not Commit

Woman Rescues Surrogate From Ukraine, Brings Her Into Her Home. "She Saved My Life By Giving Me A Baby, It Was My turn To Save Hers"