15 January, 2023

Jealous Man Murders Ex, Gets Caught On CCTV Stalking Her On Tinder Date

Helpless Single Working Mother Of Two Charged Arrested For Leaving Children Alone While She Worked

Parents Tearfully Bid Farewell To 3-YO Killed by Adoptive Mom, Winner Of 'Worst Cooks in America'

Husband Allegedly Pushed Heavily Pregnant Wife From A 1000ft Cliff For Insurance Money

16-YO Kid Hired Hitman To Kill Her Father Who Sexually Abused Her Since The Age Of 10

Man Says He Is Tired Of Taking Care Of His Wife With Stage 4 Cancer, Leaves Her In Hospital

Mother 'Super-Glues' Boxing Gloves And Batters A 12-YO Girl At Her Daughter's School


12 January, 2023

"If I can't have it, no one else can," Wife Says Before Cutting Off Cheating Husband's Private Parts

12-Year-Old Girl Stabs 9-Year-Old Brother to Death as Parent Slept Upstairs | She Then Woke Up Her Parent to Confess

35-Year-Old Mother and Her Two Children Die After She Allegedly Drove The Car Into a Lake

Pregnant Woman Killed in Drive-by Shooting Was Going to a Party With Her Father | “She Was So Happy”

Massachusetts Mom-Of-3 Reported Missing Since New Year's Day | "Not Her Characteristic to Disappear"

Former Student Raises $27,000 For 77-YO Substitute Teacher Who Lived In His Car

Prisoner Gives 3 Stars To Prison After Being Released, Gave The Craziest TripAdvisor Review


11 January, 2023

21YO Woman's Bizarre Condition Makes Her Suffer A Memory Loss Every Time She Is Happy

This 'Woman' Catfished Thousands Of Fans Until A Big Mistake Revealed True Identity

Husband Sends Wife's Uncropped Photo To Entire Family And Sparks A Scandal

9-Year-Old Hit by Car on His Way to Sign Up for Basketball Game | "He Died in Mother's Arms"

Former Foster Child Marks Her 7th Birthday By By Helping Other Foster Children In A Special Way

Woman Discovers Husband's Bigamy After Seeing A Photo Of Him Getting Married To Another Woman

No One Came To Student's Graduation And Then His Teacher Stepped Up To Change His Life