17 June, 2021

30YO Man Gets Flashbacks Listening To 80's Pop Hits After Losing His Memory In Accident At 19

Man Drops 80,000 Pennies On Ex-Wife's Front Lawn As Final Child Support Payment

'Envious' Beautician Hurled Friend's Baby Girl 130ft To Her Death From High Rise Flat Balcony

Bride Hides Man Under Wedding Dress To Stop It From 'Blowing Around In The Wind'

Man Slammed For Sending "World's Worst Break-up Text" With 'Plot Twist' Ending

Woman Bans 'Blood Family' From Funeral, Publishes Strict Guest List In Obituary

"I’ve always wanted a daughter": Firefighter Adopted The Baby Girl He Delivered on the Job After Saving Her Life


13 June, 2021

Groom Checks Phone As Bride Walks Down Aisle Because 'Crypto Never Sleeps'

Pregnant Woman Slammed As She Joins Tinder For 'Fun' Before Marrying Her 'Wonderful' Fiancé

24YO 'Sadistic Loner' Branded Two Teen Girls With His Initials To 'Own' Them

90YO Father Reunites With Son Who Was Kidnapped 58 Years Ago

Teen Couple Joked About 'Murdering Somebody' Days After 'Stabbing Dad To Death'

Man Claims Tesco Poppy Seed Bread Made Him Fail The Drug Test For Job Interview

Woman Dumps Her Entire Friend Group After TikToker Overhears Them Saying Mean Things About Her


10 June, 2021

Woman Finds A 'Tracker Tile' In Her Handbag After A Night Out, Urges People To Be Careful

Teen Kills Himself With Poison After 'Suicide Website' Encourages Him To Go And "Find Peace"

Woman Shares How Tinder Date Lied To Her About Wife Being Dead When She Wasn't

Woman Uses Maths To Work Out If Exes Were Worth The Hassle

Amazon Driver Arrested For Assaulting 67-year-old Woman After She Called Her A 'B**ch'

37YO Woman Gives Birth To 10 Babies After Doctors Miss Four During Scan

11YO Girl Safely Delivers Baby Brother On Bathroom Floor As Mother's Water Breaks Before Due Date