29 November, 2021

Woman Left Devastated After No One Showed Up To Her "Friendsgiving" | They Stopped Responding To Her Texts That Day

Shilpa Das Gupta

Mom Proudly Teaches Her Daughters That "There Is No Such Thing As Virginity"

Woman Fired For Being Pregnant Fights Back And Wins $30,000 Settlement

Girl, 16, Beats Father To Death After He Repeatedly Hit Her Mother

Bride, Who Received Life-Saving Organ Transplant, Asks Donor's Dad To Walk Her Down The Aisle

20-Year-Old Man Who Raped And Sexually Abused 4 Teen Girls Is Let Go With No Prison Time

Groom's Jaw Drops When He Sees His Bride, Who Uses A Wheelchair, Walk Down The Aisle, In Beautiful Moment


17 November, 2021

His Family Abandoned Him As A Baby As He Was Born Without Arms & Legs. Now, He's Giving Hope To 2 Million People

Shilpa Das Gupta

20-Year-Old Man Dies Saving A Great-Great-Grandmother He's Never Met Before From Frenzied Knifeman

Keanu Reeves Lost His Only Child And Daughter | 22 Years Later, He Still Carries The Pain

9-Yr-Old Dies From Injuries After Crowd Surge At Music Festival. He Just Wanted To Have A Good Time With His Dad.

Woman Gives Birth On Her Front Lawn Which Was Captured On Ring Security Camera: "I never want to do that again"

Innocent Man Pardoned After 24 Years In Prison For A Murder He Never Committed At Just 19 Years Old

Devastated Dad Is Looking For His Stolen Car, It Has His One-Year-Old Daughter's Ashes Inside. "I Lost Her All Over Again"


12 November, 2021

Husband's "Passive Aggressive" Note To Neighbor Sleeping With Wife Leaves People In Stitches

Shilpa Das Gupta

Wife & Gay Husband Are Parents To Two Kids. They Say They Are Happily Married & Have Great Sex

Woman Turns Old Clothes Of Lost Loved Ones Into Memory Bears So People Can Hold Them Close Forever

Couple Kill Themselves After Family Refused To Let Them Marry

The Australian Firefighters Calendar Is Back And This Time To Support U.S. Charities. It's Hotter Than Ever!

Robbers Steal Baby Boy's Ashes From Mother In Burglary: "I Just Lost It, I Was Screaming And Crying"

27-Yr-Old Man Dies Trying To Save His Fiancée's Life. They Had Just Started Their Life Together.