12 August, 2022

5-Year-Old Forced Out Of School After Being Adopted By Married Gay Couple | "Big Slap In The Face"

Heroic Man Suffers Severe Burns and Vision Loss After Running Into Fire to Save 2 Children | "I Never Regretted" It

12-Year-Old Accidentally Shoots Mother to Death | He Tried to Fabricate a Story but Finally Confessed

Boy Visits Twin Brother's Grave to Stay Connected to Him and Does Annual Walks to Honor His Memory

Woman Who Survived Two Pandemics and Retired at the Age of 100, Celebrates 107th Birthday

Woman Became a Nurse Practitioner in the Same Hospital That She Used to Clean | “Nurses Are Providers”

Mom Called 'Monster' After Opting for Laser Treatment for Her Newborn’s Red-Port Wine Spot


2 August, 2022

In A Rare Case, Conjoined Twins Share A Brain And Can See Through Each Other’s Eyes | They Control Each Other's Limbs

7-Year-Old Is Recovering From Burns on Half of His Body After Russian Missile Attack in Ukraine

15-Year-Old Dies After Teachers Dismissed His Illness as “Homesickness” | “Not the Type of Child to Make a Fuss”

Woman Was Abducted Days After Being Born | She Will Now Walk Down The Aisle With Both Her Fathers

Woman Finds Three-Inch Leech Living In Her Nose For A Month After Returning From Holiday

Bride Embraces Her Gray Hair And Refuses To Dye Them On Her Wedding Day | “I Just Wanted To Look Like Me”

Dad With No Arms and Legs Raised Two Daughters on His Own | Their Mom Walked Out When One of Them Was 4-MO


21 July, 2022

94-YO Veteran Without Family Laid to Rest With Full Honors by High School Seniors | ‘It Was an Honor for Us'

Couple Who Were Married for 73 Years Dies Within Hours of Each Other | It Was Love at First Sight for Them

Bride Accidentally Shot Dead By Groom’s Cousin After Celebratory Gunfire | He Shot Three People Including Her

3-Year-Old Who Once Spent 700 Days in Hospital, Dies | “She Was Missing Left Chamber of Her Heart”

Committed Student Graduates High School Without Missing a Day for 12 Years | He Credits Parents for ‘That Extra Push'

Groom Couldn’t ‘Say His Vows’ After His Drink Was Spiked on Wedding Day | Was Done Intentionally to ‘Party Harder'

13-Year-Old Girl Was “Dropped On Her Head” On Playground And Suffered Severe Brain Injury