Paramedic Mom Didn't Recognize Her 17-Yr-Old Daughter at Accident Scene Due to 'Horrific' Injuries | "My Worst Nightmare"

Paramedic Mom Didn't Recognize Her 17-Yr-Old Daughter at Accident Scene Due to 'Horrific' Injuries | "My Worst Nightmare"

The paramedic was dispatched to the site of the accident to attend to a young woman's injuries without realizing that it was her own daughter.

Cover Image Source: Facebook/ Jayme Erickson

Jayme Erickson, a paramedic, had her worst experience as a professional in the medical sector last week when she came across a young teen girl with horrific injuries who needed to be treated with immediate assistance. The unidentified girl turned out to be none other than Erickson's own daughter.

In an emotional Facebook post recounting the event, Erickson shared that she couldn't recognize her 17-year-old daughter due to the "horrific" injuries to which she succumbed.


Montana Erickson, 17, faced the deathly accident when the car she was traveling in collided with another vehicle in a rural area west of Airdrie on November 15 around 4:30 p.m. The accident closed the intersection at Big Hill Springs Road and Range Road 24 for almost five hours.

The driver of the car that Montana was traveling in was also hospitalized in stable condition while the driver of the other vehicle suffered minor injuries.


Recalling the events of the unforgettable evening, Erickson shared that she and her colleague were sent to the two-vehicle crash side around 4:30 p.m. They arrived to find two injured patients, one of whom was a teenage girl who was trapped in the car and severely injured. Erickson said she did her best to attend to the girl—unaware that it was her own daughter—while firefighters engaged in disengaging the teen from the car wreckage.

As the day came to an end, Erickson headed home after attending to the critically injured girl, who was then taken by the STARS air ambulance to Calgary’s Foothills Medical Centre for better treatment.



It wasn't until the police knocked on her door "minutes after" she reached home that Erickson realized the girl she just attended to was none other than her daughter.

"My worst nightmare as a paramedic has come true," she wrote in her heartwrenching post. "The critically injured patient I had just attended to, was my own flesh and blood. My only child. My mini-me. My daughter, Montana. Her injuries were so horrific I did not even recognize her. I was taken to FMC to see my baby girl and was informed her injuries were not compatible with life."

Montana succumbed to her injuries on November 18, three days after the crash in the hospital. "I cannot help but be angry for the short amount of time I was given with her. 17 years was not long enough. Although I am thankful for the 17 years I had with her, I am shattered and left wondering. What would you have become my baby girl?" Erickson wrote.


"Who would you have been? I will never see you graduate and walk across the stage, I will never see you get married, and I will never know who you would have been. I love you more than anything in this world (yes, including the goats my girl!). I will cherish the memories we made and the time we had together. I am shattered. I am broken. I am missing a piece of me. I am left to pick up the pieces and expected to carry on," the grieving mother added.



Cover Image Source: Facebook/ Jayme Erickson