Neighbour Going Through Divorce Tells Woman She Has It Easier Because Her Husband Died

Neighbour Going Through Divorce Tells Woman She Has It Easier Because Her Husband Died

The woman apparently told the widower that she will never understand how lonely it feels to watch your ex-husband moving on with other women

While talking about your problems to someone, it is normal to feel like the other person may not entirely understand your pain even though they claim that they do. Users online who read this woman's story claimed that it was a "human thing" to find reasons why "the other person has it easier" but most often than not we don't express it. The woman, a widower, took to Reddit to share how her neighbour, who is going through a divorce, gave her reasons why she wouldn't understand what she was going through and went on to even tell her that she had it easier since her husband had died. 

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The woman, who goes by the username anonwidow321, first explained the relationship between her and the neighbour. "I am a widowed Mom. Little one and I recently moved to another state for a multitude of reasons. Mostly to stay close to my Inlaws, who moved to warmer temps for health reasons. I have a "mom friend". She's a neighbor. We have been doing play dates as our daughters are around the same age. We get along great for the most part. She's going thru a divorce. She's the one who initiated it. All she does is complain about her husband. And how she hates being alone, etc. I listen. I'm supportive as I can be," she wrote. 

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She then spoke about her neighbour's meltdown and explained what she had told her, "She said to me the other night that I had no idea how hard she has it. She's alone. It's better for me because my husband flat out died. He's not out there dating other women. I'll never understand how alone she feels. And... I just... LAUGHED. I couldn't help it. And I couldn't stop. I managed to mention that she initiated the divorce. She wanted to be single. But I couldn't stop laughing. So now she's mad at me. She still let's her daughter come over and play but she doesn't stay. And I'm OK with that. Because it was funny," the woman wrote before asking, "But AITA (Am I The A**hole) ? Am I minimizing her feelings? I don't talk about my dead husband. I didn't compare my situation and hers. She did."

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Users were quick to show their support, "NTA (Not the a**hole), what a despicable thing to have said," a user commented, while another said, "NTA. Her comment was appalling and quite frankly a terrible thing to say. I would have been incredibly angry if she said that to me. It's probably best that she doesn't come over anymore. I'm sorry for your loss." A third added, "NTA- that lady had it coming. It takes one callous lady to assume her divorce is straight-up worse than your husband and the father of your child passing away."