Mother's 'Jokey' Resignation Backfires After 'Wages Arrive Late'

Mother's 'Jokey' Resignation Backfires After 'Wages Arrive Late'

The woman iced 'I quit' on a cookie to tell her boss a 'jokey goodbye'

We are sure that many of us have had the fantasy to walk up to our bosses and say "I quit" in the most dramatic fashion. Tasha King decided that she was going to make that fantasy a reality. She recently quit her job to work as a baker by icing 'I quit' on the top of a cookie which was supposed to be a 'jokey goodbye' to her boss. However, she ended up eating the farewell gift herself because 'he paid her late'.

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According to Mirror, Tasha had been working as a retail assistant for eight years, but finally decided to quit work on her baking business. She made her former boss a large chocolate-chip cookie and iced 'Sorry for your loss. It's me. I quit' on it. Her plans failed miserably when she ended up getting her salary later than she had expected. She couldn't make the trip for her final wage slip as originally planned so she had to eat the cookie herself. The mother-of-two shared her hilarious creation on social media where it went viral. People were quick to give her suggestions and fantasize about their own resignations. 

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Tasha wrote about the incident and said, "It's quite liberating being my own boss. I have worked in retail since 2013, and whilst it paid the bills, it was never going to be my lifelong career. I'd meant to take the cookie in on 1st June, to pick up my last wage slip, but as my wages went in late that morning, I used it for a social media post and me and my family enjoyed it instead. He never actually got it. It was always intended to be for a bit of a laugh - life's too short to be serious. I think if I gave it to him, he'd have a bit of a chuckle - but he'd be more interested in eating it. Since sharing my 'I Quit' cookie online, I've received some responses that were more congratulatory. Those were on my Facebook page. But I've also had responses from people tagging their mates, saying 'We should do this next time we get asked to work weekends. Whether people should be making resignation cookies and cakes, I think that'll depend on their boss' sense of humour really. A cookie of resignation is much better than a letter, surely?"

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Tasha started her business, Valkyrie Cakes, in July and has since gained more confidence in what she does. "I've always enjoyed baking, but I've not always necessarily been fantastic at it. Three or four years ago, I made a birthday cake for my eldest daughter, and I didn't do too bad at it - so it's taken off from there. When I look at cakes I used to do, I just pull them apart because I know I could do so much better now. When I started, I would get cakes done in about six hours. Now I can get them out in three to four hours," she said, according to the Mirror. 

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She continued, "I never really intended on being my own boss, I don't know what I'd planned to do. But I'm glad for the success of my little side-hustle. It was an extra cash flow during lockdown last year. I never expected it to take off as it has, but I'm very lucky. It was my friends and family that were encouraging me initially, but my clients are my biggest fans. They're ace. They're really supportive - I just have really lovely customers. Word of mouth is probably where I get most of my business from, which means I'm doing a good job. That's why I'm in this job - I love to make people smile and laugh. Everybody loves a party, everybody loves a cake, it makes people happy. If I can make something that's personal to them, then I've done my job."