Dad Allows 16-Yr-Old Daughter To Drink And Smoke Because She’s Terminally ill, Leaving Mom Furious

Dad Allows 16-Yr-Old Daughter To Drink And Smoke Because She’s Terminally ill, Leaving Mom Furious

As she won't live long enough to make decisions for herself, she should fulfill her wishes, said her father.

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People with terminal illnesses face tragedy after they get to know how long they have to live. It is exceedingly devastating to see young people going through this, especially when they haven't experienced all spheres of life. A dad argued that he doesn't stop his underage terminally ill daughter from trying out alcohol and smoking because she will not live up to the point of making these decisions as an adult. The father, u/Inevitable-Brush2686, posted on Reddit that he found out that his 16-year-old daughter has late-stage brain cancer three months ago. He wrote, "We tried anyway, but despite our best efforts we found no improvement in cancer. My daughter is aware of this." However, recently his wife found out that the daughter has been drinking and smoking marijuana.

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He continued, "Well, recently, my wife was looking for a hair straightener my daughter had borrowed and found a few grams of marijuana, an elf-bar vape, as well as a partially empty handle of Tito's Vodka in her bedroom. When confronted, my daughter confessed to having been using these substances for about a month at that point." The daughter said that since she won't be able to live past 18 years of age, "she wanted to try these things socially, and assured us she was being responsible with them."

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The father added, "I myself am a user of these substances, as we live in a legal state. I do not vape, though I do smoke cigarettes, drink, and will occasionally roll myself a joint. While normally I would not want my children using these, I thought I could make an exception due to the circumstances." However, he added that his wife did not agree with his approach as she completely dislikes nicotine and marijuana and only drinks a glass of wine on rare occasions. 




He added, "We had a conversation and came to the conclusion that she would be allowed to do these things under my supervision, as long as they are from retail stores and dispensaries and not street dealers, though my wife remains adamant she should not be doing them at all." He asked other users on the subReddit community, Am I the A**hole?, if his decision is correct. 

Most of the users understood the concerns of the mother but said that father was right as the child won't be able to live till she can make responsible decisions. A user commented, "Hospice nurse chiming in. First NTA. Let her experience what she can while she can still enjoy it." Another user shared their own experience with a similar situation, "I am a San Diego native. As such, I spent many a teenage weekend in Tijuana night clubs. When I was 18, a friend of mine had terminal brain cancer. In a heartbreaking but beautiful moment, his mom drove him to my apartment so that he could have some effing fun."



Another user said, "NAH. She is going to miss out on so many things. Letting her have this isn't going to hurt anything. Have you three sat down and made a bucket list with her? I know she probably won't get."






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