Mom Warns Parents About the Severity of Hair Tourniquet Syndrome After Her 5-Months-Old Develops It

Mom Warns Parents About the Severity of Hair Tourniquet Syndrome After Her 5-Months-Old Develops It

His toe started swelling and changing colors, all because of a strand of hair. "I was just kind of in shock the whole time that it was getting to this point," said the mom.

A mother from Missouri, Sara Ward, is alerting other parents about a rare disease that brought her 5-month-old baby to the Emergency Room. She said on Facebook that her 5-month-old baby, Logan, began experiencing a disease known as hair tourniquet syndrome. He started showing symptoms on January 22 and then within just one week was taken to his pediatrician's office, urgent care, and, finally, the SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital emergency department, reports Good Morning America


She said, "This was my first time and even with being a third-time parent, I was not aware of this beforehand. I had never seen this or this (had) never come up with any of my friends or family members that are moms." She further said that she was completely unaware of the severity of this condition. Her husband and she discovered one of Logan's toes was a darker shade of pink than usual on that Saturday. She elaborates, "We kind of didn't really think much of it that night because he didn't seem bothered by it at all." They did not pay much attention to it until his toe changed color again after the weekend.

"By Monday, it hadn't improved and it was starting to look redder and we were kind of noticing this line that was going across the middle of the toe." she told GMA. That's when she decided to take Logan to his doctor, and it was there that she discovered that her child has hair tourniquet syndrome. According to WebMD, "Hair tourniquet syndrome occurs when a strand of hair or thread wraps tightly around a body part such as the fingers, toes, or genitals." It is a very uncommon disorder that is more frequent in infants and toddlers. Hair tourniquet syndrome, if left untreated, can result in discomfort, long-term harm, and loss of function in the afflicted body area.



Ward estimated that Logan's doctor and nurses spent around 40 minutes in the pediatrician's office attempting to remove the hair that had been entangled around his third right toe. She says, "They took a look and they had to use all these kinds of special instruments. They brought in these magnifying goggles and special lights and they had these long tweezers and like little scalpels." The doctors were only able to remove a part of the hair, per Daily Mail. Logan's pediatrician then sent the family home with instructions to keep an eye on his health and see if the toe will heal on its own. However, it worsened and they had to take him to the urgent care and then the emergency room. 


When Logan's toe didn't improve right away on Tuesday, physicians informed Ward they needed to start thinking about surgery as a treatment approach. "I was just kind of in shock the whole time that it was getting to this point," said Ward. Logan did not require surgery, according to Ward, and the hospital discharged him once his toe swelling subsided. However, she had a message for all parents having toddlers and infants. She said, "Be aware of hairs and always be checking the toes and fingers. If (you) see that a hair strand is wrapped around it, try to remove it as quickly as you can and if you can't get it, then seek help from your pediatrician right away."






Cover Image Source: Sara Ward/Facebook