Mom Claims Her Baby Was Taken Hours After Birth & Put In Foster Care In A Terrible Mistake

Mom Claims Her Baby Was Taken Hours After Birth & Put In Foster Care In A Terrible Mistake

The first-time mother couldn't take her healthy newborn daughter home because staff thought she had taken meth and fentanyl.

First-time mom Heather Smith was in for a shock when she went to a hospital due to severe pain, thinking it was possibly appendicitis. She later found out she was pregnant and about to deliver a baby! Since she had severe endometriosis, she was told she would not be able to conceive. But lo and behold, she did! The Ohio woman gave birth to her daughter, Sage, on June 15, 2021, at a hospital in Zanesville. But she was in for another shock. The happiness of the birth of her baby was short-lived as she claimed that staff misidentified her as another patient in the hospital. 



Hospital lab tests revealed that Smith had both meth and fentanyl in her system. The 32-year-old was told her daughter was happy and healthy, and she passed every newborn test, however, Smith did not. Smith was shocked to hear about the results and said she's never been a drug user. “Just the powder of that stuff, if it gets on your skin, it’s lethal," she told WSYX. "To have that in my system and my baby not, there is no chance." She added, “The baby’s drug screen came back clean. The core blood from the placenta came back clean. Wouldn’t she be having a lot of withdrawal symptoms? Wouldn’t she be sick? For me, to supposedly have these drugs in my system, please please prove that to me under my date of birth. Prove it to me under my name. My registration number."



The mom just wants to be with her daughter and is trying desperately to clear her name. “She is something special. She definitely is. I shouldn’t have had a child at all and she is just the biggest surprise of my life. So I want her home." She added, “If you need my left arm, I will give it to you. Whatever it takes to get her home I will give it to you.” Smith lives with the father of the baby Rob Gleason. The distraught mother even has the hospital identification bracelet that has incorrect information on it. “I actually corrected them in the hospital. And I said this is not me. She took my ID and scanned it. Brought it back. She should have cut that bracelet off. At this point I think it’s more they don’t want to admit their mistake," Smith said.

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A spokesperson for Genesis Hospital could not share any information about the matter due to privacy laws. Smith feels that she had been given a living miracle that was tragically taken away from her too soon. “For me not even to have the chance to feed her yet, not even feed her yet has just completely thrown my world upside down,” Smith said. “Why? Why is she not here? Why have you not done more tests? Why have you not answered my questions? All I want is my child home with me in my arms. Please let me be the mom I always wanted to be.”