Mom of Three Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer While Giving Birth | Her Symptoms Were Dismissed as Anxiety

Mom of Three Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer While Giving Birth | Her Symptoms Were Dismissed as Anxiety

She questioned her doctor about her symptoms being related to cancer because of her history but they were disregarded as age-related symptoms.

Trigger Warning: The following story contains mention of suicide that might be disturbing for readers.

A mother reveals that when she started having unusual restroom habits and a swelling tummy in June 2020, physicians at Dove Valley Practice and Barnsley Hospital in the UK feared that she had irritable bowel syndrome. However, it turned out to be extremely serious after she got the proper diagnosis after a year.

Lois Walker, 37, said that her general practitioner diagnosed her with "anxiety" and called her a “hypochondriac.” They placed her on anti-anxiety medication, reports New York Post



She claims that when she questioned her doctor about whether it may be cancer because of her history with skin cancer, he disregarded her symptoms as age-related, per Insider. The 37-year-old continuously experienced these symptoms over 12 months until the birth of her son, Ray. She gave birth to her son through a cesarean section when doctors discovered malignant tumors in her ovaries, lymph nodes, and abdomen lining. She was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal cancer.

Six rounds of chemotherapy and two procedures were administered to the mother of three. They now believe there is no way to prevent the sickness from killing her. She told SWNS, "It’s been absolutely diabolical. They call themselves health professionals, and they’re supposed to be giving us care, but that is negligence." She added, "I just feel like it could have been caught sooner, so I wouldn’t have this late diagnosis – and I’m leaving three kids."



Walker's pregnancy was so agonizing that she threatened to murder herself and her unborn child. Walker's terrible symptoms throughout pregnancy, she claims, did not trigger further inquiry until it was too late. She stated she couldn't move or eat because of the discomfort when she was 14 weeks pregnant and it just got worse from there. By nine months pregnant, she claimed to weigh the same as before her pregnancy, but physicians were unconcerned.

She said, "Then the final straw was when they had to get the mental health team involved because I said that it had reached the point where I would have to end both our lives, and I feel ashamed to say that." She was hospitalized and given morphine but her symptoms weren't explored further. 



After pushing her doctor even further, doctors discovered a lump behind her uterus, resulting in a c-section in September 2021. She said that they called in a few doctors after opening her up and she knew at that moment that they had found something. She explained, "They just said, basically, that my abdomen was so diseased that they needed to send off some biopsies, and I'd have to wait. But I knew anyway." She added, "The doctor actually grabbed my hand and he cried, and he actually said that he'd let me down."

She has gone through several operations, including a hysterectomy, and is planning to go for a double mastectomy. In the middle of this tragedy, the family considers Ray, a miracle and a way of hope. 

Walker told BBC, "It's been really, really hard. I didn't want to get attached to him, but he is my ray of sunshine. My kids are my purpose. I want to concentrate on making memories. If love could save me, I would never die." 



The fundraising page created by her sister mentions that the family, "plan on having her as long as possible."

Unfortunately, Walker isn't the first woman who has been dismissed by the health department when it came to her severe symptoms. According to research, women are more likely to be the victims of medical gaslighting, which occurs when medical practitioners discount a person's concerns, deny testing or treatments, and eventually misdiagnose them. Walker is now asking others to listen to their bodies and seek medical attention if they are feeling ill.

She said, "If there is just one medic who reads this and thinks 'we need to do better,' that's all I want. I would not want anybody to go through what I'm going through."







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