Mom Called 'Monster' After Opting for Laser Treatment for Her Newborn’s Red-Port Wine Spot

Mom Called 'Monster' After Opting for Laser Treatment for Her Newborn’s Red-Port Wine Spot

The birthmark brings several health complications attached to the self-esteem issues.

An Australian mother has disclosed that harsh trolls labeled her a 'monster' for opting to laser off her baby's face birthmark - but she believes she did it to assist her child. Brooke Atkins, 33, of the Gold Coast, gave birth to her second child, a son called Kingsley, six months ago. 

Brooke and her partner Kewene Wallace, 27, saw a big 'port wine' mark spanning half of his face immediately after he was born, reports Daily Mail. According to Web MD, "Port-wine stains are birthmarks that look like someone spilled wine on the skin. About 3 out of every 1,000 children are born with this pink-to-reddish mark." These red stains are rarely hazardous and are typically not indicative of a severe health condition. The most common fear is whether a port-wine birthmark would upset a youngster or harm their self-esteem when they grow up.

Glaucoma, which can lead to blindness, can be caused by port-wine stains around the eye or on the eyelid along with Sturge Weber Syndrome. Unfortunately, Kingsley was diagnosed with both these conditions. Brooke said, "The thing with port wine stains is that they are progressive, meaning they will change and darken over time."



She added, "They can develop a "cobblestone" appearance, with raised bumps, ridges and the risk of vascular blebs, where they dangerously bleed. Once a port wine stain gets to this stage, it is often very difficult to treat and laser barely has any affect, as the skin is already far too damaged."

Hence, she decided to go for a laser treatment to get the port-wine stain on her newborn's face removed.

She said, "The only way to treat a port wine stain is through laser treatments and the most effective laser for it is called a Pulsed Dye Laser. When he was first born, we were referred to the Queensland Children's Hospital dermatology and vascular department, where they organise the first treatment and explain in further details why laser would be important."



She further added, "The purpose of the laser treatments are not to 'remove' the birthmark but instead keep the skin healthy, to prevent any further damage to the area." The family is now undergoing therapy with Kingsley and is always amazed by him.

However, trolls on TikTok have blasted Brooke's decision to treat the mark, calling her a "monster" when she uploaded a post about it. A person commented, "Don't think I could laser my baby." Another said, "That birthmark is barely visible, what you're doing to him is horrible, it's more for you than him." A third person commented, "Brainwashed mother making her kid insecure the second he gets out the womb."

However, there were still several people who completely supported her decision. A user said, "You're the mom and you know what is the best for him." 



Brooke said that she "cried" to herself in the starting when the negative comments started pouring in. "I had a whole heap of mum guilt and it made me question my decision, even though I knew I was doing the right thing, the cruel words still played in my head," she said. 

She added, "I just wish these people had known about the health issues connected to these types of birthmarks before writing these things, that this wasn't for cosmetic reasons and that as parents, this was the hardest decision we have had to make." 

However, she said, "Although I constantly worry about my son's future and what it will be like, he continues to hit all his milestones. This journey for our family has just started and there is a long road ahead but we will push through!"




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