Mom Drives Son to Police Station Herself After Identifying Him as Murder Suspect From TV

Mom Drives Son to Police Station Herself After Identifying Him as Murder Suspect From TV

He was accused of killing a 42-year-old woman and robbing a store. He is currently being held without bond.

Image Source: Surf City Police Department/Facebook

A man from North Carolina has been arrested for murder and robbery, and it was his mother who took him to the police station. Charles Michael Haywood's mother brought him to the hospital in August after he supposedly returned home with a nasty cut on his hand. According to the search warrants, she saw her son on the television in connection with a stabbing the next day and brought him to the Surf City Police Department.

Haywood is accused of killing Margaret Bracey, 42, at a hemp business in Surf City, N.C, reports PEOPLE. Haywood entered Exotic Hemp Company at 6:30 p.m. on Aug. 24, wearing a bandana over his neck and a bag. He can be seen studying in surveillance footage. He was armed with a "lethal cutting instrument," reports WWAY. According to the incident report, authorities have not stated if that weapon was used or how Bracey died. 




He made his first court appearance last Friday and is charged with first-degree murder and armed robbery. Haywood is from Holly Springs but has been residing in the Surf City region, roughly two and a half hours away, for the previous few months. According to the search warrants, Haywood reportedly removed his sweatpants and bandana after the alleged attack and left them in the store.

He reportedly placed cash and items in his backpack before escaping.



Surf City’s Mayor Doug Medlin is in shock after the incident. He told WWAY, "We just don’t understand something like this. I mean we’ve had people go in and steal stuff, and things like that but nothing like a robbery, and then specially someone get killed in the process, so that’s what really shocks the town." 

Pender County District Attorney Ben David said, "I know this is a case that has shocked the community. I know this is something that a lot of people have turned their attention to, and we are most certainly giving this a very high priority in the criminal justice system."

Judge Russell Davis's office is pushing for the death penalty for the 22-year-old. He said, "It was the state’s request that he be appointed the Capital Defender’s Office since this has the potential to be a death penalty case. We also asked that it be held with no bond." 

Haywood is set to return to court on September 14. 




Cover Image Source: Surf City Police Department/Facebook