Mom Collapses to Ground 'Screaming in Pain' After 2-YO Daughter Was Found Dead in Hot Car | ‘It Was Gut-Wrenching'

Mom Collapses to Ground 'Screaming in Pain' After 2-YO Daughter Was Found Dead in Hot Car | ‘It Was Gut-Wrenching'

The child was allegedly in the car for more than seven hours as the temperature soared to 90 degrees on that particular day.

Image Source: CBS New York/ Youtube

A heartbreaking video shows a mother collapsing to the ground after learning that her 2-year-old daughter had died in a hot car. The unidentified mother was recorded on the ground outside her Franklin Township house by a WABC news helicopter on Tuesday. 

She learned that her daughter died in a hot car and the neighbors heard her, "screaming in pain and anguish." A local police officer bends down to comfort her, and the video shows them swaying side to side while closely hugging. The girl was discovered dead in the back seat of a car in a New Jersey driveway after being left there for more than seven hours on a particularly hot summer day, reports NBC New York.



Neighbors in the calm suburban neighborhood claimed it appeared the parents were unaware their youngster was in the car. Somebody saw the child and called 911. They stated that cops knocked on the front door of the residence after discovering the youngster and recounted hearing the parents' anguish after understanding the occurrence.

A neighbor said, "They’re great parents. I’ve seen them be very loving and doting on their daughters." 

Another neighbor reported that the child's mother collapsed in the front yard and was carried away in an ambulance. Alex Krstavski, a neighbor, said, "How can that happen? How do you forget? I guess we’re all forgetful, I’ve forgotten things in the car. But how do you forget the toddler, you know? I don’t know." 



The car was taken away late Tuesday afternoon from the severely traumatized neighborhood that had heard the anguish and witnessed the atrocity. 

Treana Huntley, another neighbor, told WABC, "It was gut-wrenching, it almost made me want to break into tears as a mother. Just hearing that pain from another mother it was very hurtful to hear. I wouldn't wish that on anybody." 

A local fireman was among the first neighbors on the scene, and he performed CPR on the youngster, but she was pronounced dead at the site, according to officials, reports New York Post. Somerset County Prosecutors Office homicide detectives are investigating the situation. It's unclear whether they will pursue criminal charges, but it's also unclear what any police agency could do to punish this family that they would not. 



At 2 p.m., right before the dead girl was discovered, the temperature at neighboring Somerset Airport was 90 degrees. In a heartbreaking record kept by the nonprofit Kids and Car Safety, it is already the 22nd hot-car death this year. 

Sue Auriemma from the organization told NBC New York, "This is the kind of tragedy that doesn’t discriminate. It has to do with a failure of the brain’s memory, in many cases. Unfortunately the worst mistake a parent can make is thinking this can’t happen to them."





Cover Image Source: CBS New York/Youtube