Mom Buys Entire Local Toy Store To Help Kids In Need: "This Is The Season Of Giving"

Mom Buys Entire Local Toy Store To Help Kids In Need: "This Is The Season Of Giving"

Christine Bae bought over 3,000 toys last year which she has been giving away ever since to kids in need.

Christine Bae took her kids, a young son, and daughter, to the Flying Tiger Copenhagen store last fall. She learned that the store is closing up and is having a big clearout sale for their inventory. Bae told PEOPLE, "I said to the children, 'Grab whatever you want'," from the store. After reaching home, she pondered over the recent catastrophe the country is facing due to the coronavirus pandemic. She says, "These are dark times, why don't I just buy the whole store, and then I can give it out?" She went and bought the inventory of the whole store to give away to children in need.



Bae along with her husband, who are both partners at a law firm (BJ Kim), bought the entire collection of toys and stationery for about $10,000. They transferred everything to their home in Norwood, after several trips in their car. They purchased over 3,000 toys, including coloring books, pencils, paints, toy care, teddy bears, and everything the store had in their inventory. Bae did not plan anything regarding what she is going to do with so many toys and just kept them in their spare room.

Bae said that's how the whole giveaway started. Her daughter insisted that they should wrap the presents before giving them away. "My daughter said, 'Mommy, you can't just give it out. You must wrap them.' " Bae added, "And then she said, 'You have to put ribbons on it, because it doesn't look special.'" So, Bae and her family individually wrapped all the presents with $1,000 worth of wrapping paper and ribbons. She gave them away to the Norwood Pantry, Bergen County Court Appointment Special Advocates (CASA), and several other shelters with people in need. She was extremely delighted and surprised by the amount of appreciation she received for her gesture. 




CASA replied with pictures of smiling and joyous faces of children along with a message that expressed their gratitude towards Bae and her family. However, due to the overwhelming nature of the work required, Bae wanted to give up and send the remaining presents to children at local birthday parties. But as soon as she decided to give up, local moms started calling her up and offering their help for wrapping presents for this Christmas.

Eight other moms, apart from Bae, came to her house whenever they found time to help her with wrapping and packing the presents. On some days, they spend over 6 hours on this, and Bae's children also helped throughout the whole process. Bae believes that this will also teach her kids a lesson to always spread happiness and smiles to those who need it. She comments, "I hope that they grow up to be giving to people that are less fortunate than they are." Bae packed over 1,400 presents with the help of all the women in the neighborhood. Last Saturday, she invited kids over to her house to pick out five presents each from her massive collection of presents under the Christmas tree. "This is the season of giving, it makes me feel really good," Bae tells while expressing her delight in seeing the difference she made for these kids on Christmas.




Cover Image Source (Representative): Getty Images | Kathrin Ziegler