Mom Battling Cancer Rents Out Times Square Billboard to Get Daughter a Date

Mom Battling Cancer Rents Out Times Square Billboard to Get Daughter a Date

Beth Davis from Boston became the wingman for her daughter Molly by renting out a 47-foot tall billboard that says, "Date My Daughter."

A mother from Boston wants to do everything she can to get her 30-year-old daughter, Molly, a date even if it means renting out a 47-foot tall billboard in Times Square. Beth Davis, 61, collaborated with the dating service Wingman to place a billboard in Times Square, reports WNBC.

Beth says that she was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer last year and it has now spread to her bones. "There was a little more urgency to see my daughter settled with a wonderful man," she said. She came up with the idea of renting out an entire billboard because she felt her daughter may not be able to find love without her help and she may not be around long enough.

The billboard says, "Date My Daughter" with a link to Molly's profile and a picture of her and also of her mother. Beth quoted on the advertisement, "I'm Molly's wingman, and her mom," per PEOPLE.



Beth was originally diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, she had chemotherapy and was doing well. However, in June 2020, she learned that she had metastatic breast cancer and that she might not have much time left with her family which contains her husband, Rick, and daughter Molly, per CNN.

Beth said, "Molly has always unselfishly spent a lot of time with us, including taking a leave of absence to fly to New Zealand last year [where I was] when I was diagnosed and also Molly, like lots of young people, have had their social lives interrupted by these Covid years, so I really just wanted to help find her a special someone." She goes on to praise her daughter for having a commendable character and optimistic disposition. "She truly sees the good in people and really tries to make everyone's life she touches better. She is smart and so very funny, loves a good belly laugh and doesn't take herself too seriously. She works hard but always tries to balance that with having fun, and I really admire that."



Beth just wants her daughter to have a life partner who cares for her and makes her happy and a lovely family who can truly accept her. She is confident that her daughter will have a great life once she meets a loving guy. "I want to see her surrounded by his lovely family that will have embraced her. And I bet she will slot right into his large circle of friends, and they will plan their own cool adventures." 



Molly also doesn't mind her mother going to great lengths to find her a boyfriend. As for Molly and about the kind of partner she is seeking, she said, "My mom and dad lean on each other. That's what I'm looking for." She wants somebody who can make her laugh and has good communication skills. 





Cover Image Source: Still from ABC News