Mom Arrested For Shooting Her Two Sons Over a Fight on Custody With Her Ex-husband

Mom Arrested For Shooting Her Two Sons Over a Fight on Custody With Her Ex-husband

She was also facing eviction and financial issues.

A woman from Pennysylvania has been arrested for shooting her two kids. Authorities say Trinh Nguyen, 38, shot her two sons, aged 9 and 13, in the head in their bed at their house in a posh Philadelphia suburb on Monday morning. According to a spokesperson for Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub, the children were still on life support as of Thursday afternoon, reports NBC News. At least one of the boys was brought to the hospital for surgery, but neither youngster is expected to live. They will most likely be taken off life support once their organs can be donated. 

Nguyen was arrested after a neighbor, Gianni Melchiondo, 22, called the police. She is facing a series of charges which might be updated later. Melchiondo knows her ex-husband and told the authorities that she handed him a box of photographs that she asked him to deliver to her ex-husband. She allegedly pointed a black revolver at his face when he turned around to face her. She pulled the trigger twice but the gun did not go off, reports Cafemom.

Nguyen married the father of her youngest son in 2015. The father accused Nguyen of fleeing their house with his kid and flying to Texas that year. According to NBC Philadelphia, Nguyen informed the father that his son would not return. According to court records, the couple formally separated in February 2021 and divorced on October 18. The couple split their Philadelphia home during the divorce. 

Nguyen was to be paid $220,000 and granted monthly support payments. They were given shared custody of their child and Nguyen was granted permission to take their son to Vietnam every other summer. However, in July last year, Nguyen accused her husband of failing to obtain passports for her children. Her ex-husband's lawyers responded that she isn't financially stable to take care of her children as she has just started selling eyelashes online. She was also evicted from a home she rented from her ex-husband's sister.

She was described as a flight risk and a kidnapper. Her ex-husband said that he feared that she would not return with the children from Vietnam. Her ex-husband was planning to move closer to his son by looking for a home in Newtown. Additional court records from November 2021 show that she owed more than $11,000 for rent. The eviction was supposed to be on Tuesday, just a day after she shot her sons. 

The district attorney's statement read, "She is being charged with three counts of attempted homicide and one count of possession of an instrument of crime. She was arraigned by Magisterial District Judge Michael W. Petrucci who denied bail, citing the nature of the offense." 





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