Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Face Backlash Over Naming Their Daughter 'Lilibet'

Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Face Backlash Over Naming Their Daughter 'Lilibet'

Critics questioned why the couple had decided to name the baby after two leading royals when they were intent on distancing themselves from the Royal Family

It's been barely a few days since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's daughter, Lilibet ‘Lili’ Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, was born and she is already making headlines. While their fans loved her name, which was a tribute to two of the most important women in Harry's life - his grandmother, the Queen, and his mother, Princess Diana, many have criticized the couple's choice. 


Express reported that the critics had two problems with the name, one that they didn't see the point of naming the baby after two leading royals when the pair seem intent on distancing themselves from the Royal Family and two, that 'Lilibet' was “such an intimate family pet name”. Lilibet is the Queen's childhood nickname used by her late father, King George VI and later by her beloved husband, Prince Philip. Commentator Richard Kay suggested that Meghan and Harry might have gone too far by using the special nickname for their daughter. 
“By giving the baby the name Lilibet, the Queen’s private family nickname – even though they intend to use the diminutive ‘Lili’ for their daughter – there is a risk," he wrote in a column for the Daily Mail.  


He continued, "Will it be seen as a presumptuous choice for a royal baby who is eighth in line to the throne, but who will grow up on the other side of the world speaking with an American accent? And how might Prince Charles feel about his fifth grandchild carrying such an intimate family pet name that he has never used himself? It is tempting to wonder if Harry would have been so emboldened in his choice if his grandfather Prince Philip – the only close family member permitted to call the Queen ‘Lilibet’ – had still been alive. Doubtless, there will be among the more cautious courtiers at the Palace some discomfort and the odd raised eyebrow at this latest convention-destroying Exocet from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.”


Royal fans who were upset with the name took to Twitter to share their thoughts. "I’m actually disgusted that they have named their daughter Lilibet! That was Prince Philip's nickname for the Queen! After everything they have done, all the accusations & scorn they have poured on our Queen & now they take that away from her!" one wrote, while another said, “Lillibet? Are they having a 90-year-old white woman?... And this name seems an insipid level of pandering to the Royal Family, who they say, 'drove' them away with their racism and who they no longer want to be a part of?." A third tweeted, “You trash the Royal family then hope this makes amends, nope," according to Express