Man Who Lost Wife to COVID Weds Activist Who Helped Him Grieve | "Exceptionally Meaningful"

Man Who Lost Wife to COVID Weds Activist Who Helped Him Grieve | "Exceptionally Meaningful"

Nick Güthe tied the knot with Survivor Corps founder Diana Berrent in California, 18 months after his wife's death.

Cover Image Source: Facebook/Diana Güthe

Longtime COVID activist Nick Güthe married Survivor Corps founder, Diana Berrent, at a Californian beach wedding on Saturday. The couple fell in love with each other during the darkest times of their lives in the midst of the pandemic, reports PEOPLE. Güthe and Berrent tied the knot at a stunning beach ceremony in Marina Del Rey, California, with 75 family members and friends in attendance.


The couple exchanged their joint, co-written vows with the golden sunset as their witness. "Nick and I have spent so much time on this beach. We watch the sunset there almost every night we can," the 48-year-old Berrent shared. She is the founder of the COVID-19 advocacy group, Survivor Corps. "We bring a bottle of wine and linger until it's dark. We knew it was where we had to get married," she added.

"But standing there reciting our vows together, with our children, and in front of the people we love, was more than anything I could have anticipated," Berrent admitted. This is both Güthe and Berrent's second marriage. Diana—who has now taken her husband's last name of Güthe—is a mother of two children from her first marriage, Zelda, 16, and Spencer, 14. Now through her marriage to Nick, she has also become a stepmother to Güthe's 15-year-old son, Bexon.


The children of both spouses played crucial roles in their parent's wedding. Zelda was her mother's maid of honor while Bexon and Spencer were Güthe's best men.

The newly blended family was brought together by bittersweet circumstances almost 18 months after Güthe's first wife, Heidi Ferrer, died by suicide on May 2021 after enduring a long battle with COVID. Ferrer was known for writing in the hit American teen drama Dawson's Creek. Upon his wife's demise, Güthe relied on the Survivor Corps' founder for emotional support. Eventually, they joined hands to raise awareness about the dangers of long COVID. While working together for a social cause and dealing with personal grief, the duo fell in love.


Güthe, 52, opened up about how his first wife's health deteriorated as she lost her battle with long COVID in an opinion piece for The Guardian earlier this year. "My wife, Heidi Ferrer, was a screenwriter with a history of social advocacy and an empathetic heart. She defeated a decade-long battle with alcoholism only to find an adversary in long Covid that was far more insidious. Three weeks before she died, we were already terrified that she would die – not by her own hand, but from a stroke or a heart attack," he wrote.


Speaking of his recent wedding, Güthe this week revealed how one of the most "meaningful moments of his wedding happened spontaneously in the evening after the ceremony."

"I was driving Diana and our kids to the reception, and they all started singing along to Katy Perry's 'California Gurls' at the top of their lungs," he said. "It was as if we were already melding our families. They've all been through so much change lately, watching them all start to bond was exceptionally meaningful." Following the wedding ceremony, the Guthe family continued their celebration at Solidarity, a Polish restaurant in nearby Santa Monica. Berrent revealed that "every guest at their wedding was vaccinated." The newlywed couple feels that their special day was a massive success and everything went according to plan while maintaining COVID safety protocols. "My favorite part was being with the people who stuck with us, who understood what we were doing and why we made the choices we did. And being with Nick. Nick is my perfection," Berrent admitted.




Cover Image Source: Facebook/Diana Güthe