Man Was Homeless 4 Years Ago and Now He Owns a House | "I Am Proud of Myself"

Man Was Homeless 4 Years Ago and Now He Owns a House | "I Am Proud of Myself"

Chris Atoki was sleeping in a car in a Walmart parking lot four years ago and now owns a $350k home.

Chris Atoki was homeless just four years ago, but he had a lightening moment that changed his life forever. He bought his own house in his early 20s. This might seem like a small milestone for people but for somebody who was homeless when he was 18, it is a dream come true, reports Goalcast.

Atoki has a difficult childhood where he was working to pay his mother's rent while still going to school. Every day, he had to work a 12-hour shift from 5 p.m. to 5 a.m., wake up at 7 a.m. and go to class until 3 p.m. to nap for 2 hours before starting work again. On Twitter, he wrote, "One day my manager at my job says he has to cut a few people’s hours and since I’m in school, he picked me to be one of those. I figured it was fine. I could still pay mom rent and I would be able to sleep in so yay right?"



However, only two weeks later he was laid off for not working enough hours. He writes, "Here I am 18 years old. Only job I had was filling trucks and I’m still going to school because that’s what I was taught you have to do to make it. The problem is with no income and no parental help I lost even more."

He had to drop out of school since he couldn't pay for it anymore. He tried applying to hundreds of scholarships and got one but he couldn't afford school with that concession. He was kicked out by his mother after a falling out and lost shelter too. "I got kicked out in November in the cold. Tried to crash on my grandmas couch. Didn’t last. Tried to stay and my girlfriends dorm. Nope her dad didn’t like that. Understandable." He had less than a dollar to his name and he slept in his car in Walmart parking lot.  



After facing a tough time, Atoki contemplated taking his own life before coming to a realization that “the only person I could truly count on was myself.”. So he went to the library and applied for every job that came to mind. After getting a new car from the money he saved by doing odd jobs, he became a mattress salesman who had to go meet clients. He had a 30k annual salary but still couldn't afford an apartment. He used to shower in the gym next to the Walmart parking and go to work until one day when he overslept before his shift and was almost caught by his co-worker. He eventually rented a room for $550 a month.



However, he did not want to do this all his life. So he applied to The Lambda School which met all his needs except that they had only full-time courses. Atoki didn't give up and sent an email to the CEO of the school. That conversation with the CEO pushed him to get an education.

The birth of his son inspired him and he worked hard to provide for him. He got a job as a teaching assistant after finishing school as he wanted to give back to his community. He also applied to a tech job in Philly and successfully got hired. He finally bought a home for his family and succeeded even when all odds were stacked against him. "I’m in a financial position greater than I ever thought possible. I’ll end and say no matter where you are. Find that motivation to push you to do better. It doesn’t happen overnight. I’m nobody special. I just took control of my life."




Cover Image Source: Chris Atoki/Twitter