Man Snaps After Wife Leaves Sign on Door Telling His Mother to Stop Interrupting Them in Bedroom

Man Snaps After Wife Leaves Sign on Door Telling His Mother to Stop Interrupting Them in Bedroom

His mother told him that the sign was "disgusting and not something she ever needed to know."

A man was angry with his wife's actions when she left a sign on their door to prevent his mother from interrupting them during sex.

The Reddit user who goes by the username, pocketlobster88, shared the incident on a subreddit community, AmItheA**hole. He asked other people if he did wrong for going off on his wife when she put up the sign, reports Percolately. He wrote, "So I’ve been married to my wife for 4 years. We have a medium sized apartment. For the last 2 months, my mother has been staying of and on in our guest room. My dad recently passed away and it’s hard for her to live in their house alone, so I’ve been letting her stay with us."




He specified that his mother and wife did not get along but he thought that she would be sensitive with her at this difficult time. He added, "I mean she lost her husband of 40 years, she’s fragile and I really want to be able to do what I can to make her feel better." He stated that their daily routine and especially their nighttime routine, has changed quite a bit due to his mother.

“She’ll usually come knock on our door to talk. My wife hates this,” he wrote. He added that it interrupts their intimacy. "Partially because it interrupts our intimacy. Usually when she’s over we just don’t make love.”



However, the man noticed that for some nights his mother hadn't been knocking on the door. He wrote, "So we had normal nighttime habits. Yesterday mom pulled me aside and told me that the sign I let my wife put on the door at night was disgusting and not something she ever needed to know." His mother expressed that she is hurt and doesn't want to speak to her daughter-in-law. 

The man was confused when his mother said the sign was about sex. He added, "I still had no idea and talked to my wife about it when she got home. She admitted to it. She said that she made a sign to keep my mom out of our hair at nights."

The sign read, "Please do not disturb unless you want to see me f*cking your son."

The man was pretty angry upon learning this. "I took the sign crumpled it up and tossed it in the garbage,” he wrote.

He further wrote in his post, "I then went off on my wife about how inappropriate and embarrassing this was. She told me it’s my fault that we needed this and it’s just joke. I slept on the couch last night and she’s still pissed at me."




Most Reddit users think that he did wrong in not setting boundaries with his mother.

A user wrote, "YTA. You need to set boundaries with your mother and not let her intrude on your marriage. My mother is my best friend and when my father died after 46 years of marriage, she wouldn't dream of intruding on me like this." Another one commented, "You need to figure out for how long your mom is going to "need" to live with you and your wife. Loss & grief are part of life. Your mom will need to work through it and get her own life moving forward. You and your wife need to get back to your life."

A third user said, "YTA there’s 24 hours in the day and your mom can only seem to talk to you when it’s bedtime? I understand wanting to support your mother, but she’s going to be co dependent on you if you keep allowing her to stomp on boundaries."







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