Man Confuses The Smell Of Wife's Grooming Product With Gas Leak, Evacuates In Panic

Man Confuses The Smell Of Wife's Grooming Product With Gas Leak, Evacuates In Panic

Its better to be safe than sorry!

Imagine a perfectly normal day at home and you suddenly smell sulfur out of nowhere, your first instinct will obviously be to take all precautions in order to be safe, even if it means leaving everything behind and getting out of the house as fast as possible. It's the same thought this man had when he smelt sulfur in his house except that there was no gas leak. The unnamed man wrote about the embarrassing incident on Reddit, explaining how he ended up going to all lengths to take precautions only to realize later that the smell he mistook to be a gas leak was actually from his wife's hair removal cream. 

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It was just another morning, the man was working while his wife was in the shower. He suddenly notices a whiff of sulfur in the air, he doesn't know where it was coming from so he starts sniffing around. He goes to the laundry room which had both the furnace and the water heater and notices that the smell was significantly stronger there. He then does a 'quick google search' to see what he must do if the furnace was releasing a sulfur odor. The search confirms his fears of a gas leak. 

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The man is quick to turn off the furnace and shut off the gas lines, he then proceeds to text his landlord and calls the gas company. He packs his essentials and suddenly realizes his wife is still in the shower so he goes to tell her that she needs to get out so that they can leave the house just in case. As he enters the bathroom, he is 'blasted by a wave of sulfer' so strong that his eyes start watering. It is then that he realizes that what he assumed to be a gas leak all along was actually just his wife's hair removal product which just happens to smell an awful lot like sulfur. Turns out he has to do damage control again but this time for a different reason. "texted my landlord again who thankfully just had a good laugh at it. Now I just kind of feel like an idiot for not finding the true source of the smell before going through all that trouble," the man wrote. 

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The man had initially approached Reddit to ask if he had overreacted to the situation as he was clearly embarrassed by what had happened. Many users actually appreciated his efforts and told him it was the right thing to do. Others seemed to have hilarious stories of their own, "I actually evacuated my family from our house this morning and had the gas company come out because we woke up to a strong smell. Turns out it was a skunk made his way through our backyard and the smell wafted in and became stagnant in our house," a user wrote, while another said, "Better hair removal product than natural gas.....or even worse, the aftermath of deviled eggs. That’s still a natural gas leak."