8 Kinds Of Men Who Will Regret Losing The Caring Woman You Are

8 Kinds Of Men Who Will Regret Losing The Caring Woman You Are

When in love, women put their hearts, souls, and minds into it. However, not every man understands and values a good woman with a great heart.

Our past relationships are not something we may like to remember or be reminded of. We may have moved past the phase and maybe over it. But the man who rejected you might be feeling that it was his biggest mistake. They might be cherishing your memories and the love you gave them with the pain of losing a great woman. Here are eight kinds of men who feel guilty of losing you. 

1. The man who thought you could never survive without him

Some men feel that the woman they are in a relationship with are not as good as they are. Their inflated ego and superiority complex makes them believe that their partners cannot function alone. They believe that everything in your life is dependent on them even though you are smart, independent women, capable of handling life with efficiency during its ups and downs. He thought that your world just revolved around him and that you could not live without him. He is now realizing that his assumption is wrong.

2. The man who tried to manipulate you

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You were right about everything but you were made to feel that you are wrong. He wanted to control you and made you feel guilty about everything you did or said. He just wanted to control you emotionally. He manipulated you and made you feel uncomfortable. Neither your pain nor your tears ever seemed to his concern. He just wanted to dominate your life and decisions. But today, he might be regretting your loss.

3. The man who broke every promise he made

Every time he said, he wouldn't, he did it again and again. He could never live up to his promises. He just broke it without reproach and never apologized. But yes, he had a lot of excuses to say, a lot of reasons to why he could not keep up the promises.

Neither did he value me nor our relationship. He just took the kind woman you were for granted, thinking that you would stay by his side no matter how many times he breaks your heart. Though you are glad he is part of history now, he might not be.

4. The man who thought you were naive

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You were too boring and too silly. He thought you were just an immature girl who didn't know what she was talking about. Your thought and opinions were too silly to be taken seriously. Neither did he value your views nor did he respect you as a person. Rather than accepting your constructive suggestions, he ignored it and insulted in front of people calling you naive. Now that you have moved on, he might be regretting about ignoring you in the past.

5. The man who prioritized others over you

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You expected him to treat you like the queen of his life. You thought you mattered to him, that you were important than his phone and his friends. But he failed you. You waited for his call, but he never did because he was busy with life. He had people to party and drink but your existence did not matter to him. While he was your priority, you were not even in his list. After you walked away, he might be realizing how much you cared for him. 

6. The man who mistook your kindness as your weakness

His rudeness and insults did not matter to you. You were in love with the person he was and always thought, he would change. However, he just believed you were a woman who could not stand up for herself. You gave him many chances to prove himself but he just took your kindness for granted. Tired of his ignorance, you decided to walk out of his life. He is left with nothing today but the regrets of how he mistreated you. 

7. The man who thought you would wait for him forever

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You have a lot of patience. However, your patience was never valued by him. He happily enjoyed everything you did for him but never valued your love. He never wanted to change his ways for you, never even wanted to try hard. Not receiving what you deserve, you walked out of his life. The wait was over for you. Today, he might be regretting everything he did in the past.

8. The man who took your love for granted

We give more than they deserve. When we are in love, we give unconditionally. We invest everything in the person we are in love with. But not every time do we get back what we give. While you stood by him as a pillar, pouring out love, affection, and care. He was never seen when you needed him most. You leaving him might have made him realize that love is not a free package delivered at your doorstep but an equal exchange. 

Disclaimer: This article is based on insights from different sources. The views expressed here are those of the writer.