Kelly Clarkson Is Devastated By The Split From Husband Of 7 Years But She Will Come Out Of It As A "Stronger Person"

Kelly Clarkson Is Devastated By The Split From Husband Of 7 Years But She Will Come Out Of It As A "Stronger Person"

Kelly Clarkson announced her divorce on June 4, 2020.

Knowing that your relationship is not going to have its happily ever after is devastating to any person, who has tried to work out their love and relationship. Singer Kelly Clarkson, too, is feeling the pain after filing for a divorce from her husband, Brandon Blackstock. However, sources close to the singer revealed she is determined to overcome it all.

According to People, "Kelly is a doer, a pusher, someone who forges ahead even when it's difficult for her. Being busy is a blessing and she knows that," said the source. Apart from working on her NBC daytime talk show and preparing for the new season of The Voice, the singer is also making some new music.


The source claimed that music was her outlet and it allowed her to face the tough times of her life. "Music builds her up even if her songs are confronting her troubles. Kelly will come out of this a stronger person," said the source, according to People.

Last week, Clarkson shared happy news despite her divorce proceedings. She won her first Emmy award for outstanding entertainment talk show host at the 47th annual Daytime Emmy Awards show. The singer took to Twitter to express her joy on the great win. “OH MY GOSH!!!!!! What is happening?!!!! This is amazing!!! Thank y’all so much!!!" wrote the singer on Twitter, according to People. "And a MAJOR thank you to my entire crew that really is the reason I won!!! I can’t wait to celebrate with our whole crew when humans can congregate again!! This calls for a PARTY!!!!” added the mother of two.


She even thanked her manager and ex-partner, Blackstock for his encouragement and support. She credited him for inspiring her to do the talk show. "Thank you so much to @BBlackstock for believing in me & convincing me to do @KellyClarksonTV show," wrote Clarkson on Twitter. Clarkson's gesture inspite of being in the midst of a split drew a lot of attention. It showed the cordial relationship they share despite the major life decision.

Sources close to the couple stated that the couple will be working closely as co-parents for their two children, daughter River Rose, 6, and son Remington Alexander, 4.


"They are both heartbroken, but their plan is to put the kids first. Their focus is on co-parenting and moving forward, as this is the last place they ever thought they would be. They both understand divorce is never easy for children, but Kelly and Brandon are great parents. It'll just take time," according to Cosmopolitan.


Meanwhile, sources stated their decision of splitting did not happen overnight It seems that the two had been going through some marital troubles for s long time. However, Clarkson's busy schedule prevented her from thinking about it. With quarantine, she realized it was time to move on.

"Kelly and Brandon had been having problems for several months and were making a conscious effort to work things out. They both hoped quarantining away from L.A. in Montana would help them work things out in their marriage, but instead, the change in environment was actually detrimental," said a source, according to Entertainment Tonight.

"The constant time together seemed to make an already challenging situation worse," added the source. The couple was isolating in their ranch in Montana along with their children and Blackstock' kids from his previous marriage.


Her shows "definitely helped to keep her mind off things, but this recent downtime gave her the time she needed to think about her life and her marriage. However, with the free time that came with the pandemic gave her the time to reexamine her relationship," said the source, according to Entertainment Tonight. The source claimed that Clarkson had no option in front of her. "Kelly knew she just needed to follow her heart and finally realized divorce was her only option," stated the source. Clarkson filed for divorce on June 4, 2020.



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